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Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant [明宫], Corus Hotel K.L.

a dining experience at Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant, Corus Hotel which located 5 mins walk from Suria KLCC 
come have your yee sang made available from 8 January to 24 February 2013
What so special about Ming Palace is that they do not use a single MSG in their dish!!!
So, u can expect something healthy and natural taste from here...
Ming Palace's Yee Sang Promotion offers different styles of preparation such as the Australian Abalone Yee Sang with Pine Seed, Salmon & Butter Fish Yee Sang with Fuji Apple, Korean Pear and Pine Seed, Prosperous Yee Sang with Korean Snow Pear and Jelly Fish and more for good health and wealth. Price range from RM48++ per half portion to RM268++ per whole portion.

The restaurant offers the finest authentic Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine in a classic setting with 5 private dining rooms.

Lots of nice ingredients for the Yee Sang!!!

Ready for the FINE DINING experience????

We are here for this
Auspicious Chinese New Year Sets
9course meal range from RM988++ to RM2,888++ per table of ten persons
complimentary bottle of red wine or chilled orange juice
38% discounts on second table of ten persons for this package
Fuji apple for Yee Sang?It's something new for me! and I love trying something new from the traditional taste...added with the healthy pine nuts....a great combo! 爽口~

明目耳Ming Mok Ee is the main ingredient of the soup. Ming Mok Ee can 养精神安魂魄益气! hahahaha...this is the best to explain in Chinese....

A full pot of great ingredients make the taste greater and bare in mind, no MSG added! How brilliant is the chef using the natural taste from the ingredient itself!

A very home style taste

Ohh....actually I'm afraid of eating Sea Cucumber....why? because it looks like some kind of humongous snail and it's slippery~~~but because it's rich in collagen so Gulp~!take the challenge...

You have to eat the whole thing!!!! or else it is tasteless without the golden crispy nestum and salted egg yolk!!!it tasted like 奶油虾~

apart from the taste, thumbs up for the whole presentation of the fish! It's like a flying fish!!!haahahah....

This fish WOW the crowd because of it's expression....@@
Don't you think it looks very alive and was trying to say something?ohhh and it's looking at you.....spooky~

as you can see clearly...
the layering of wax duck drives me crazy!!!
one spoonful in your mouth and it's heavenly goodness!How can CNY survive without this dish?
Last but not least,
dessert as an end...
For those who had almond tea before, you should know the strong taste from the almond itself. I was once afraid of the weird taste but then this one works well with the glutinous ball with black sesame centered filling...

SLURPP~~~~and almond tea is good for our skin....

According to the Chinese saying, you will grew taller every year eating NianGao!!! But the same goes with the fats in you....oppsss~XP This is a bit sweet to my taste but nevertheless, it's a sweet and happy ending for my review time with my bunch of foodie friends that night! A share of good food!

Thanks Chef Ng Chee Wah for setting up such scrumptious set menus 

Wish everyone a blessed Chinese New Year 2013 with your loved ones...

For enquiries or reservations, please call Ming Palace Chinese Restaurant at
03-2161 8888 ext 127 or 188 fax:+603 2164 9188

(5mins walk to twin towers)
Jalan Ampang, 50450 K.L, Malaysia




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