Thursday, January 10

Majlis Ulangtahun AROMA @Naili's Place

So far this is the nearest review that I've done!!!hahahaha just walking distance from my house...

Thanks AROMA for the invite of their 2nd anniversary and congrats!!!
Obviously, AROMA is a malay medium magazine about food, the aroma, the taste of food...You will find lots and lots of recipes share such as BENTOs, mille crepes, rainbow cake, chocolate praline, kuih-muih.... Oh!!!excuse tummy just growls when mentioning them...So do checkout your nearest bookstore for AROMA at RM5.90
The venue taken place at a nice Malay Kampung Style Naili's Place. Rumah Tamu Datin Halijah to be precise...

Nice place right??? If anyone of you interested with this place, they actually offers for majlis pertunangan, Akad Nikah, Perkahwinan, Doa Selamat dan more. So do checkout at the end of my post for the contact details.

So this is the dresscode of our night
"Kebaya, Kurung,Kebarong..."
ushers nice kebaya welcoming us at the entrance.

More pictures of the setting of the night...
it's a romantic place for a ROM or a malay style wedding dinner!

Some impressive food carving from the participant of the competition.

i love the phoenix!!!!

CONGRATS to AROMA and happy two years old!!!! 

Met one of my blogger friend Emily Tang...Guess both of us are the only chinese bloggers among all....=P

tempahan untuk  majlis pertunangan, Akad Nikah, Perkahwinan, Doa Selamat dan sebagainya.
116c Jalan Taman Dato' Senu, Sentul Pasar, Kuala Lumpur.
Do contact:
019 217 0507/ 013 205 6419

managed by:Naili's Place

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