Tuesday, January 1

bye bye 2012 hello 2013

Back from church and notice that everyone is posting their wishes and celebrations all over Malaysia...
As a christian, there's a tradition in my church where every year end, we will go church instead of having a countdown party out there...What we do in church? yah, we will have fasting prayer and also sing some hymns in between. I think this is a meaningful one as we get to reflect and give thanks to our heavenly father not forgetting to pray for those who in need..So for my friends and readers out there happy 2013!!! No matter how your days in the past, be sure to forget about it and achieve a better 2013!

Have my last but not least 2012 starbucks at new starbucks 24hours bukit bintang outlet with my sister in Christ, Esther before we head to church for our prayer night....God Bless everyone!

weee....now you can have starbucks 24hours!!!It was located at a strategic place in the hub of the kl city, just beside bukit bintang's McDonalds.

Thanks again to Starbucks Malaysia for the voucher that not only me get to enjoy starbucks for free but also my friends and family!!!

She ordered the toffee frappucino

While I ordered my first ever green tea frappucino with choco drizzled...huhu too bad no red bean.....=((

hmmmm.....was thinking what pose to win the title???

Esther and Choco

hahahahaha.....at last I used my last two voucher to tabao java chip and dark mocha frapp for Mr. and Mrs. Chow~^^

at least they won't mumbled that I went out for the whole day....heheheheh

I wanna make a confession tonight:

happy 2013 everyone....=)

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