Friday, December 14

A Whimsical Wonderland with YUNA

What makes Malaysia a wonderland?

for me it is a very subjective terms and it is always how you see things!
As for me sometimes a very simple imagination will make things around me become a wonderland!
The "twin jagung", opsss i mean twin tower here is definitely one of the symbolic building of Malaysia and it might look simple to you but i always imagine it into something else! Checkout and welcome to my WONDERLAND! 

Well did you notice the talented YUNA here? Checkout more of YUNA with the collaboration of Samsung Galaxy Note II at my earlier review here:
Well how to join and create your own version of WONDERLAND story?
just click here:
Checkout the impressive Wonderland in Samsung's website!!!
they are getting more and more creative...
that's the whole point of Samsung Note II
"Be Creative"

Here's my humble drawing using the S-Pen
I wish for a forever happy day in Malaysia
Happy Christmas in advance!

ok now my wonderland is in PENDING status...=)

Have a closer look at my creation...^^

Happy Christmas to all...
I'm in a jingle mood~~^^

By the way, can I have a white Christmas too? XP

To create your own wonderland story:

my review on the collaboration of YUNA and Samsung Note II:

For more info follow Samsung Malaysia FB page:

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