Thursday, November 15

The Venue, Pavilion KL

the introduction....

A place specially dedicated to the LIVE music performance lovers...

A place that located in the Golden Triangle i.e. Pavilion which known as the heart of the trendy Bukit Bintang indulged in fashion, food as well as urban leisure...

A place dedicated to the potential LIVE performers to show their talents... 

A place for LIVE music performance lovers for spending and enjoying their leisure hours in a comfortable, elegant and graceful environment...

A place for us who believe that LIVE music is delicate, pure, lively and close to us from times to times...

 A place that highly welcome all of you!!! 

If you know me well, you will know that I can't live without music! If I were to choose to go for a cafe or a music cafe, my answer will be the later. Nowadays, I will go for music cafe at least once a week. I was born in a music family where my dad played cello and I played piano. So, I guess that's the main reason of my passion in music! I was so excited when Sidney invited me on this!
 Thank you so much~ =)

located at Connection Level 4 of Pavilion K.L., a place where it's accessible with monorail. 

I feel whelmed by a wall of frames by the performer and celebrities which visited The Venue before me.

a welcoming drink for us by The Venue
Chocolate Strawberry Martini

Followed by some finger food and main course from their menu.... 

Well of course the main purpose for me to be here is certainly the MUSIC part!!!
the music kicks in around 9pm and I was amazed by the setting of their stage, lighting, and the atmosphere. It's like a mini live concert!!!! Have a look at the pictures taken by me throughout the night and you will know how I feel that night... 

Performers of the night:
Remi Pannosian Trio
-from France-
born 1983, Montpellier, France

Remi started playing piano at the age of seven. He was only ten years old when he attended a Michel Petrucciani concert and got hooked on jazz. Rémi studied at the Montpellier Jazz School, not only learning musical theory and the history of jazz, but also improvisation at which he excelled. He took part in many master classes and had the good fortune to interact with such musical greats as Stéphane Kochoyan, Steve Coleman and Andy Milne. 

Remi started off solo but then later on a group of Trio was formed!
The trio has been elected “Revelation of the year 2011″ by the french radio TSF JAZZ! and they’ve been invited to play a song at Olympia Hall Paris for the ” You and the night and the Music ” show.

In Only two Years the trio has performed on a lot of famous stages in France , In Venezuela, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Algeria…and made more than 40 concerts in Asia ( Tokyo jazz festival (Japan), Jarasum jazz festival( South Korea), Taichung jazz festival ( Taiwan) Nanjing jazz festival ( China)…

Now this is what I call "The Arts in Performing"!
You can't have the natural expression like them if you know nothing about music. For me music is like a soul in every musician. We love music that's why we really feel it from the inner of us and it projects out. Let's enjoy the music!!! By the way, it's a jazzy night...    

I have to say that I love this drummer the MOST as he is so FUNKY while drumming with all sorts of creativity in his drumming pattern!!! Love him maxx!!!!! 
Love his character!!!!!

What I love about jazz music is that there is no single fixed pattern and everything is so spontaneous!!!
Cool Trio!!!!!

The tapping.....the plucking.....paired with some funky movements.....BIG THUMBS UP for the guys....!!!

Ohh.....met DON CHAN during the event~
bunch of charming guys huh~ =P

Well as they finished their last song,
the crowd asked them for another song...
and they were sporting enough to give another hit!!!

I just in love with the whole atmosphere of The Venue, Pavilion K.L.
The setting of their stage, the V-concept lighting, and their great performer will be my excuse to bring my dad for a visit next time as he loves music, just like me! 

Great performance~
Please come to Malaysia and The Venue again for more!!!

My partner of the night:

[photo courtesy to sidney]
me and my companion of the night~WanQiu
We both agreed that although we just knew each other in this event but the feel is like meeting-up a long lost friend and such coincident that both of us were born in the same year!!!! Freakin' me out~~~~
Nice meeting you girl and thanks for your companion for the night! Nice sharing food and music with people who really know the appreciation of music!
c u soon~

Will definitely come back The Venue for more music sharing with my friends and family!

The Venue Facebook Page:

03-2110 2800 (For any enquries or Make reservation)

Email: (For any enquries or Make reservation)

Lot C4.06.02,Connection Level 4, Pavilion KL, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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