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Life of Pi (3D)

First of all thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia for the 3D movie screening passes!

Director Ang Lee creates a groundbreaking movie event about a young man who survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. 

Life of Pi is divided into three sections. 
#1 The main character, Pi, an adult, sharing about his childhood.

#2  He encountered all the tough challenges of life when he got stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a tiger and how he struggled all the way to survive.

#3 Two officials from the Japanese Ministry of Transport speak to Pi to ascertain why the ship sank. When they do not believe his story, he tells an alternate story of human brutality. He changed the animals character into human.

Two main character
#1 Piscine Molitor Patel
At the time of main events of the story, he is sixteen years old. He recounts the story of his life and his 227-day journey on a lifeboat when his boat sinks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during a voyage to North America.

The significance of 227 days is from the common approximation of π using the fraction 22/7

#2 Richard Parker

A tiger that is stranded on the lifeboat with Pi when the ship sinks. The tiger lives on the lifeboat with Pi and is kept alive with the food and water Pi delivers. Richard Parker develops a relationship with Pi that allows them to coexist in their struggle.

My Point Of View
#1 narrative structure 
I love that the whole story is told as a narrative from the perspective of a middle-aged Pi. It's just like a flashback.

#2 humour
There are many times that for sure will make you burst into laughters! Watch out the giggling bomb that       throws from Pi himself!! It makes the situation more relaxing and funny especially when he find his step-by-step ways to survive when he got stranded. In addition, the way he speaks his English with Indian Slang makes me giggle more.

#3 inspiring
How he fought for his life 227 days stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, he had to face the rapid change of the natural phenomena like thunder storm, hunger, dehydration, how he uses his intelligence and mental strength to survive and keeping the tiger in companion, the faith to GOD...huh I could have raise white flag if I encountered something like that! Never Give Up!!

#4 touching
One of the scene where he and the tiger look into the deep blue sea and recalled all the memories where how his parents died together with the sunk of ship makes my tears rolls.

#5 amazing scenery and MUST WATCH in 3D
I really wanna highlight this as I was stunned by most of the scenery! Amazing!!! Starting with the close-up with all kinds of animals from the ZOO owned by Pi's father, the beauty of nature was being captured, the beautiful night scene of the Pacific Ocean... I had goosebumps during the scene where the island is all conquered by meerkats, that's too much of them!!!! That is why I suggested you guys to watch it in 3D because it is so real that I nearly forgot I'm in cinema.

#6 focus on two main character 
the story line is clear and you can really easily get pulled by the whole story line and into the Life of Pi. Focus point is just Pi and the tiger.

#7 happy ending
I hate story without happy ending but not for this.

Photo: thanks @NuffnangMy for the passes! great movie nite♥
nice passes to be kept as a remembrance...Thanks GSC one utama!!!

Cute button and fan from Nuffnang and ChurpChurp...many thanks! ^^

.....and I shared my 1st movie screening night with sis Esther Lim
What an adventurous night that we had gone through before we reach One Utama...It was a scary thunder storm night and lighting all over our way just like the scene in Life Of Pi. Such a memorable night. Praise the Lord that we arrived safely for the movie night. Great movie!

.....and just I realize another special thing about this movie is that the ship is modeled by one of my blogger friend Wilson Ng's ( younger brother!!!!!!Can you believe proud of him! kudos!!!Checkout more here...

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