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Fat Spoon Café, Damansara Uptown

When was the last time people actually call you Ah Beng, Ah Hua, Ah Choi...or perhaps Ah Lian??? mom used to call me "Mei" (younger sister) since small...but now no more lor...Sometimes they will just call my full name just like my friends... But seriously I miss those days during my childhood times where we were still playing masak-masak with snails, batu seremban, congkak, hide and seek, "jumping aeroplane", AEIOU, happy family cards, eating Monster sweet(with all the colours on your tongue)...etc So many sweet memories kept nicely in my memory drawer!!!

Last night I went to a place which evoked those bittersweet memories one would have on our childhood. 

A retro based restaurant specializing in home-cooked food.
The restaurant's homely atmosphere accompanied with antique furnishing adds up to the mood of the event 
"A Trip Down to Memory Lane"

 spotted RED VELVET cake here!!!!

Amazing interior right? Just the right retro feel! 

 But I wonder why it's still mid autmn decor here....hahahah suppose to be Christmas dy~
One of my friend said maybe they wanna create the 上海滩feel...XD

Familiar right? hahahah I'm a better congkak player than Xiang!

So here's the share of my food carving moment.... 

it's like Frizzy drinks added with lemon 

This is special and very authentic taste! First time I heard using Assam Jawa as the ingredient for Canape. The sweet and sour taste appeared to be appetizing. I love the Medium-Boiled Egg Yolk as it's still creamy in the center. 

Next up,

[the actual portion will be bigger]
Obviously moo moo means beef~
Go ahead people who dislike beef, try this and you will walk out of Fat Spoon with no regrets!
Love how they added the marinated beef with the pan fried onion which top up the fragrance level of the whole dish! Don't worry about the beef smell as it is not that strong when it goes together with the burger! Unlike the rest that I've tasted, this is juicy and when I munch into it, the juice just drips out~ So be careful not to order this on your first date or else you will look messy with the overly indulgence look!!!

 If you not familiar with Tamarind, how about "ASAM-GOR"? 
Woooo~~~I just love the sweet and sour taste just that I hope my prawn to be BIGGER~ =P
But I love that they use the stick and a lazy fella like me can straight munch in as they already get rid of the shell of the prawn......thumbs! ^^

 Remember to ask for cili padi!!!
a reminder from the brilliant Xiang who really know how to have his ULAM Fried Rice paired with cili padi~

 They put lots of the fried onion and coriander so you can guess the fragrance level of this right? They use minced beef for this.

When it comes to dessert which means it's about to end our menu of the day!
 Not a bad try!

 S'more= some more?
I was like wow when they serve this~so cute! and I always excited when it comes to dessert time! I believe you are just like me, RIGHT??!! XP
 This is marshmallow topped with choco and nuts. Quite an inspiring one with the slightly burnt effect. 

Before the night ends,
this lucky guy claimed that he got no luck in any of the lucky draw session
when they announced the lucky number, 
he walks away with a BOX of chocolates!!!
jelly lar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
visit my foodie friend at his blog:

 Orang tengah makan dia kacau-kacau here....
hahahahahah....missed those days when I curi-curi ride my bicycle to the nearest shop to buy this!  

all my sweetest memories during my childhood time...

Checkout our blog...hehehe
Xiang, bring along your cake next time!!!!
he is certainly a talented young man...

foodies of the night at Fat Spoon:
Esther Lim, Xiang, and me

p/s: Luckily got "Esther Gps" all the way from sentul to damansara uptown or else I'll be rounding dunno where again...hahahahha!!! Thanks sis~ ^^ 
a nice goodie bag of all "back-in-time" sweets 
Thanks to Fat Spoon Cafe and the organiser, SU TING, and students from IACT College for the lovely "A Trip Down to Memory Lane" night! Kudos...a very warm and memorable flash back night!

For bookings and reservations:

contact Fat Spoon: 603-7728 3323



facebook page: Fat Spoon Cafe

Location: 73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 
(same row with Wondermilk)

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