Tuesday, November 6

18X OPTICAL ZOOM via Samsung Smart Camera WB150F

#3 selling point of this Samsung Smart Camera is the 18X OPTICAL ZOOM

The 18X Optical Zoom is like a 3 layered cake...

Just a random video taken in my school...
Sorry that my hand was quite shaky here, just wanted to test out how far can my WB150F perform when it comes to18X Optical Zoom!

So as you can see I did not move my spot from far and I just Zoom in and out just to try out how far it can go without blurring out mt object. I would say it performed quite well especially if you are going for some stage event or concert which you will need a longer ZOOM!  

Yah....I know this song might irritates some of you as it's an addict especially during this K-POP season...
Anyways, this is a rehearsal for their children's day performance so just let them release the inner them after whole year of hardships....
Op Op Op...~~~
Oppa Connaught Style?
this bunch of year 1 and year 2 kids really whack the stage with their own style~ 

Stay tuned the last but not least selling point for my 
Samsung Smart Camera WB150F




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