Wednesday, November 28

Life of Pi (3D)

First of all thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia for the 3D movie screening passes!

Director Ang Lee creates a groundbreaking movie event about a young man who survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. 

Tuesday, November 27

Christmas MON SHU .Shu Uemura

Uhhhhh my Christmas MON SHU need your help to VOTE for her....
kindly click on the link above and VOTE for her...
Thank you thank you and Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas.. =]

Press Release:Galaxy Wonderland with Yuna

[23 NOV 2012]
Samsung has renewed its creative partnership with singer-songwriter and GALAXY Note II ambassador, Yuna Zarai. 

Thanks to DON and Samsung Malaysia for the invite!!!
I was at the Press Release of the Galaxy Wonderland with the talented singer-songwriter YUNA.  


Friday, November 23

Fat Spoon Café, Damansara Uptown

When was the last time people actually call you Ah Beng, Ah Hua, Ah Choi...or perhaps Ah Lian??? mom used to call me "Mei" (younger sister) since small...but now no more lor...Sometimes they will just call my full name just like my friends... But seriously I miss those days during my childhood times where we were still playing masak-masak with snails, batu seremban, congkak, hide and seek, "jumping aeroplane", AEIOU, happy family cards, eating Monster sweet(with all the colours on your tongue)...etc So many sweet memories kept nicely in my memory drawer!!!

Last night I went to a place which evoked those bittersweet memories one would have on our childhood. 

A retro based restaurant specializing in home-cooked food.
The restaurant's homely atmosphere accompanied with antique furnishing adds up to the mood of the event 
"A Trip Down to Memory Lane"

Tuesday, November 20

caught my Dimsum picha in Red Tomato Free Weekly Newspaper!!!

a sudden touch when I notice this on my facebook wall....
my friend found my name in RED TOMATO newspaper and therefore she quickly tag me....Thanks Vicky Chuah
I love photography and that's the passion which give me a boost to move further!
Of course not forgetting people around me who gave me comment constantly for me to improve~
Yes, will continue my journey and of course go into depth if I had the chance to learn more!!!!
Thanks for the appreciation of my photo!!!
It's a huge credit for me...although I know there is more to improve in my skill....

Checkout my Food Hunt behind this DIM SUM photo...

now my consideration is should i topup my lense?
the actual picha of mine

Thanks to my loyal readers and supporters of my blog!
I'm gonna do a Christmas giveaway for you guys soon!
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Thursday, November 15

The Venue, Pavilion KL

the introduction....

A place specially dedicated to the LIVE music performance lovers...

A place that located in the Golden Triangle i.e. Pavilion which known as the heart of the trendy Bukit Bintang indulged in fashion, food as well as urban leisure...

A place dedicated to the potential LIVE performers to show their talents... 

A place for LIVE music performance lovers for spending and enjoying their leisure hours in a comfortable, elegant and graceful environment...

A place for us who believe that LIVE music is delicate, pure, lively and close to us from times to times...

 A place that highly welcome all of you!!! 

If you know me well, you will know that I can't live without music! If I were to choose to go for a cafe or a music cafe, my answer will be the later. Nowadays, I will go for music cafe at least once a week. I was born in a music family where my dad played cello and I played piano. So, I guess that's the main reason of my passion in music! I was so excited when Sidney invited me on this!
 Thank you so much~ =)

Wednesday, November 14

Full Month Baby Portrait

went to Singapore to attend my dear cousin sis new born baby shower party...
here's my portrait for the new born baby, Kris Leong...
do comment and let me grow in my photography....thanks~ =)

Tuesday, November 13

14MP via Samsung Smart Camera WB150F

# 4 selling point 14 MP

Now let see what Samsung Smart Camera WB150F has to offer with another feature here...
The 14 megapixels:
I swear all these are straight uploaded to my blog and no photoshop edit.

Some of the random pics taken...

Tuesday, November 6

18X OPTICAL ZOOM via Samsung Smart Camera WB150F

#3 selling point of this Samsung Smart Camera is the 18X OPTICAL ZOOM

The 18X Optical Zoom is like a 3 layered cake...

Just a random video taken in my school...
Sorry that my hand was quite shaky here, just wanted to test out how far can my WB150F perform when it comes to18X Optical Zoom!

So as you can see I did not move my spot from far and I just Zoom in and out just to try out how far it can go without blurring out mt object. I would say it performed quite well especially if you are going for some stage event or concert which you will need a longer ZOOM!  

Yah....I know this song might irritates some of you as it's an addict especially during this K-POP season...
Anyways, this is a rehearsal for their children's day performance so just let them release the inner them after whole year of hardships....
Op Op Op...~~~
Oppa Connaught Style?
this bunch of year 1 and year 2 kids really whack the stage with their own style~ 

Stay tuned the last but not least selling point for my 
Samsung Smart Camera WB150F




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Sunday, November 4


I'll be giving away 5 tickets worth RM128 to my  fellow readers!!!

This is something where cars and music enthusiast crazy about!!!!

Event is set to take place on 17 November at the iconic venue of Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur. Trax on Track 2012 will thrill all present with daring displays of Gymkhana, drifting and amazing car modifications by the region’s best modification hobbyists.

With car lovers from all over Southeast Asia descending on Trax on Track 2012, it’s important to ensure that everyone leaves well and thoroughly entertained. As though the heart-pumping action on the track wasn’t enough, Trax on Track 2012 will also heat things up at the decks with a repertoire of local and international DJs.

List of International DJ that will entertain you all night :   
DJ Duo 4 Strings
DJ Charlene
DJ Lisa
DJ Messic
Woody Van Eyden
John O' Callaghan
DJ Kyau & Albert

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