Friday, October 12

The Launch of Samsung GALAXY Note II @ Zebra Square,K.L.

-Be Creative-
It's all about the CREATIVITY in you!!!
If you need some creativity at work or leisure, Note II is definitely your choice~
People can discover information faster!
capture their idea faster!
express thoughts freely!
manage tasks more efficiently!
Built with a new and improved S Pen and enhanced features.

Last night was a great experience for me at the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II. You wouldn't know how it feels to be the first batch of people to get the hands-on experience and to be first to touch the phone! Oh My Gosh~It's awesome !! I just bought my Samsung Galaxy S III from Samsung Mobile Malaysia and so far it's a huge satisfaction for me. So I am looking forward for the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note II and I believe it will have a better feature or what...Let's see....=) 

The heavy downpour did not affect the curiosity of the in-coming guests. It was crowded and could hardly find a spot to stand! Imagine there's a bunch of medias, bloggers, dealers, Samsung staff, models and of course Samsung's invited VIP guests....Such a happening night! 

The launch started off with our gorgeous lady host of the night....Deborah Henry! She's a host from Bella NTV7.. Her sparkling smile took my breath away...=)) 

Next it's the opening ceremony by the managing director of Samsung Electronics Malaysia, Mr. Kwon Jae Hoon with the wave of wand in hand.....and abrakadabra~~~The new family member of Samsung-SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE II!!!!! The guests were so excited to have a preview of the new features~ 

Nice presentation by the celebrities and also VIP's from Samsung Mobile Malaysia.
celebrities guests of the night: ADAM C, Razif Hashim, and the Penang wall art artist, Ernest!

So many medias, bloggers, dealers at the launch!
My humble nikon just can't squeeze in....=P 

Are you tempted with it?????

 Well the official Samsung model in Samsung's official colour which is blue!
I wore something blue too...Just to match the event XD

***My Hands-on experience***
 What I love the most is the S Pen & S Note usage. Things can be done efficiently!!! Air view allows people to hover with the S Pen over an email, S Note, S planner, image galleries, or video to preview the content without having to open the file. The device's new gesture pad feature, Quick Command, allows people to use the S Pen to take shortcuts. 

Samsung Galaxy Note II features
Air view, Multiwindow, Pop Up Note, Pop Up Video, Quick Command, advanced S Pen & S Note usage 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED Plus screen, 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processor and HSPA Plus, Android 4.1 JellyBean, 16GB with an expandable micro SD memory slot, upgraded battery life.

 8 Megapixel camera comes with Buddy Photo Share, Burst Shot, and Best Photo. What I love about is th unique camera function called "Best Face" that allows people to choose the most preferred face or pose of each person from group portrait photos.

Met some people at the launch....
Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic at the launch!!!

He is the one who leaves his mark with beautiful wall painting of children all across historical Georgetown. The artworks are funny, fascinating, and very much open to everyone’s interpretations.

 Astro Supersport and Astro Awani host, Adam C

Yukiko Tan

[taken with my SIII]
me and my foodie friend, FISH (in red)
from and

[taken with SIII]
Can't believe I met my Chong Hwa secondary friends at the launch!
with Cecilia, me and Jane. The funny part is that we actually chat after so many years being strangers in school...I should thanks Samsung for bringing the friendship together for three of us..hah!
Glad to know that Cecilia working under Samsung now while me and Jane Schwan became a freelance blogger!How small is the world huh? Checkout the pretty babe's page I believe soon she shall be a public figure..=))

The world proved to be even small when I met him!!!
Calvin Ho!!!!!
I was like what???why on earth are you here???hahahah
just checkout who is he here:

a little door gift from Samsung Mobile Malaysia~
it's a pendrive!!!!!
How creative~love it maxxx!!!!
Thanks alot for the invitation!!!

The new SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE II will be available in MARBLE WHITE and TITANIUM GREY on 19 OCTOBER 2012 through key operators such as CELCOM, DIGI and MAXIS. The device can also be purchased through all Samsung Elite Partners. Retail Price@RM2,299

For more info, checkout:

Samsung's FB page:

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