Monday, October 29

Smart Filter via Samsung Smart Camera WB150F

Continue the story of my Samsung WB150F...
1# first selling point is about the instant Wifi sharing
you can check this out:

2# second selling point is the Smart Filter 3.0
What is all about Smart Filter?????
the creative enthusiasts will have fun with the Samsung WB150F
getting boring with usual and normal picture from your camera?
well not anymore with my Samsung WB150F now you can add sparkle to your special cool is that? Let's see...

this is nothing touch up from's just the original effect from Photo Filter&Cross Filter

 Photo Filter&Ink Painting

see how WB150F done it...
within second!!!wow~how smart!

after 7months no shopping haul
 Photo Filter&Fish Eye

Thanks bro for the yummy treat~~~~
wahhhhh shed of my MONDAY BLUEZZZZ 
MOCHI SWEETS from Pavilion 
Picture in Picture
Now this is what I want for my dear friends...
Custom made my own Postcard 
with love,
Magic Frame

Gosh even sinchew press teaching you the step by step of Gangnam style~~~~faint****
Photo Filter&Miniature

This is cool as you can take your video with different features here in my cam:
Video taken from youtube with the fish eye mode in my Samsung WB150F
Movie Filter&Fish Eye

Photo Filter&Sketch
just follow me for more share of my daily capture and sharing...
stay tuned for the next selling point of my Samsung Smart Camera WB150F
*Peace off*



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