Thursday, October 11

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The anticipating is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky to get the invite from Don and Samsung Mobile Malaysia for the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II tonight...
Just can't wait to have a hands on experience~will share more after the launch...=)

Well, after having my Samsung Galaxy S III for a month, I'm kinda Samsung Fan now because I find it interesting and will love to know more about other Samsung stuff!
Photo: We've been receiving massive interest on our Galaxy Note 2 and we'd like to find out what is it about Note 2 that you like about?

Here are some of the features that I shared in my FB for the past 6 days:

Be Creative
with Samsung GALAXY Note II

see you guys at the launch!

follow me for more of the post on the launching of Samsung Galaxy Note II

p/s:Thanks Don for the opportunities again!=)

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Checkout Samsung Mobile Malaysia FB page for more details:
samsungmobilemalaysia FB page

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