Sunday, October 28

Samsung & BigBang was a Blast!

Fantastic Fantastic and too much of FANTASTICness!!!!!!
WOW~the BIGBANG Effect nearly took my breath away~~~~awww!!!
Awesome night indeed~~~wow....indeed a once in a lifetime experience!Thank you Samsung Malaysia for bringing my dream in real...Some of my friend claimed that in conclusion, if you still having your voice after the BIG concert, means you are not in one of the BIGBANG's concert~~we screamed like nobody's business...oppsss mind me, but I just couldn't control my excitement!

[taken with Samsung Galaxy SIII]

Well, looking at the ticket the night before, it just manage to put a smile on my face~
I never attend any concert as exclusive as this. When I was told that Samsung was giving me a golden opportunity to experience the massive production from YG Entertainment, I was like pinching myself...gosh~~ am I dreaming???
NOPE!!!!it's true!!!! words can't describe my feel...millions gratitude to Samsung Malaysia!!!!!
Was very excited the night before to experience the once in a lifetime BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012! unforgettable concert!

Tae Yang's wish came true ! It's raining just before the concert....Well nothing can hold back the excitement of Bigbang fans, so do I. So, fret not, let's get wet together tonight!!!!
Reach there late due to the massive jam when it started rain. Too bad I didn't sign plan for my SIII so I couldn't contact any of the blogger who turn out for this...Although alone whole night but luckily with the companion of whelming crowd, I craze all the way with strangers around thing I was disappointed with where camera wasn't allowed to bring in......WHY????sobb....T______T I didn't take much photo(lots of blur pic) just enjoy the whole BIGBANG atmosphere~

I was just too close to them!!!!
Lucky lucky to be in the good center spot!!!!!

Over one month journey sharing of Bigbang's with Samsung, from my favourite BigBang style, my favourite korean things, BigBang’s journey to stardom till the real blast of the BigBang Alive Tour 2012, I really feel lucky to be one of the chosen by Samsung Malaysia to have this golden opportunity for the sold out concert. This is such an unbelievable treat as I heard that this VIP ticket CAT 1 that I got from Samsung Malaysia was sold out within 30minutes!!! How lucky for me to own it!

Checkout my share for one month with BigBang:

For more goodies and latest news and updates from Samsung, visit Samsung's BigBang Facebook Apps here Bigbang fb apps and Samsung's official website here Samsung website

might not know 
might be the lucky one 
Just like...

Thanks Samsung Malaysia!!!!
will continue my share and live updates with my SIII and latest Samsung Smart Camera WB150F(with instant Wifi upload)~
till then
*peace off* 

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