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show your HUMANITY people!!!!!

Baby dumping has become a huge social problem in Malaysia. According to The Star (2012), the number of cases reported spiked from 79 in 2009 to 91 and 98 in 2010 and 2011 respectively. As of 6th of July, 31 cases has been reported this year. Imagine the total amount after including the many unreported cases!

OrphanCARE is a non-profit organization dedicated to prevent baby dumping and abandonment. They aim to give love, care and security to orphans and abandoned babies by pairing them with suitable adoptive parents. Unwed mothers who abandon their babies are usually young and under immense pressure from the society, not knowing what to do and who to turn to.

OrphanCARE provides its baby hatch facility, the first in Malaysia, to discourage desperate mothers from dumping their babies. Instead of ‘getting rid of’ their babies in dumpsters, bushes, public toilets and other places, they could assure that the babies are safe and placed in good homes and families.

This social problem is in fact a string of many other problems. Baby dumping happens to be part of the final process, after curious, naive teenagers explore their feelings and raging hormones by engaging in unprotected sex. When it reaches to the point when the girl is pregnant, most of the time the boy gets scared and leaves and the girl will do what she think is best, which is to ‘get rid’ of the trouble by dumping her baby without the knowledge of her family or friends.

What would they have done if there would have been someone they could turn to? What would have happened if they spoke to someone about the problem? OrphanCARE have their doors open 24/7 for these girls. Remember, there are many solutions to a problem and dumping your baby is NOT one of it. 

You can do your part to spread awareness for this issue!!
Visit their website at

 Who knows, you might just safe a life by spreading the word J

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