Sunday, September 2

La Flambee @ homemade mooncake

everything HOMEMADE...
by  La Flambee

RM20.00 per box
4 flavours in a box
red dates, matcha ,coffee & red bean

1盒RM20.00-四种口味,红枣、绿茶、咖啡 & 红豆

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♥ Mooncake ~ Mouse
Filling: Red Bean
Price: 4 for RM 6.50

欢迎订购( ´ ▽ ` )
♥ Kawaii小老鼠公仔饼 ♥
价钱:4粒 RM6.50

♥ Mooncake ♥
Filling: Coconut
Price: 10 fo RM5.00

欢迎订购( ´ ▽ ` )
♥ 公仔饼 ♥



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