Saturday, September 1

Happy Birthday, aunt cynthia

she's the second lady I love the most after my mom.....=P don't tell her....hahahaha

yah, yesterday was her birthday~
and Oh my gosh...I got no time to prepare any gift or sketch any plan for her because recently I was busy with my foodie post, school stuff, meetups and etc...
and and and....the most headache case is that when I ask her where she wanna go or eat....she will say ANYTHING~~~~~huh!!!
That's the most headache suggestion! arghhh~~~~~so google some place and since she wanna go Midvalley and I found this place named "DUBU-DUBU"...
it's kinda weird the name but since I love korean food so why not?! =)
So we celebrated there and just ladies!!!!!
thanks lynnet for the cake!
a peach cake from cake sense

see my aunt so happy playing the samsung note for the 1st time....
she wanted a samsung Note badly while her niece, that's me wanted Iphone so badly.... 
checkout lynnet's expression, she can't stand anymore~~giving her a tutor~=P

They are my aunt's friend but now they are mine too...haahahah....nice to meet up with these married ladies coz they got lots to share....and I was like having a class~from pregnancy to milking....ahhahahah....opsss...=X 

and GRATS to know that Ruth is pregnant now!!!! sweet...
btw, she still looking young....wootsss envy envy!!

RM7.90 mix fruit shave
we ended our meet with dessert at jonker sweets, erm...I wouldn't say that it's incredible as it looks....=P

lovely chat with these gorgeous matured ladies....
appreciate the share and giggling moments with them!

Happy Birthday, aunt!

with love,
your niece... ;P 
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