Monday, August 6

mom's hairdo experience @ Hair Now Beauty Centre

I always believe that hairstyle is very important to a person because it will definitely give your look a twist!

Persuaded my mom to go for a hairdo session at Hair Now. I use the word "persuade" is because she doesn't seems to be interested and trusted to any of the saloon out there due to what she gets as outcome was a total disappointment for her! Oh and yah...a very typical AUNTY look~~~@@...Well I learn this place from a blogger friend of mine and the coolest part is her mom is the hairstylist aka. the owner of HAIR-NOW. Hence, I was thinking like why not giving a try! 

Nothing catchy or fancy outside but then I love the warm lighting and warm service by the owner! That is my rule for having another visit for a saloon as I had bad experience with mean hairstylist!

Fully equipped in this small saloon

Most of their product are from "Loreal". 

 Some other product such as treatment for hair and stuff...The owner, Florence was kind enough to explain one by one on my curiosity of the product..hahahahaha....I had so much question for her that day!

Now here's the hair colour part as mom gonna go through...

Ombre or dip dye is the latest trend now!

After choosing our desired colour and some suggestion by Florence, we decided to come up with three colours:
The owner of Hair Now with 20 over years experience in hair styling :

The 3 colours which gonna apply on mom's hair~cool!!!

So...Let's get started!!!!
a BEFORE PIC for her....

Some hair stylist can't stand my infinity questionnaire but definitely not Florence. She's very patient and gave some suggestion towards mom's hair. 

Now the colouring part....

It's kinda reddish from what you've seen here but no worries with the outcome!
I'm so excited to see the outcome...

Hair Treatment in progression....The round thing with gently heat goes round and round mom's head for a minimal of 15-20 minutes time...sorry I can't remember the exact....



OHhh my gOsh!!!!!!!
mom looks cute after all those aunty moments....I love it! Of course mom loves it as well.....

so....he is gonna be my target next....hahahaaha
papa siting and waiting and he's like what taking u guys so long...

That's me, papa and our featured lady in choco's mom

We left with satisfaction!
Thanks Florence!!!

p/s: not just for aunty hair! you can checkout their facebook page for other customer's hairdo experiences..even her daughter's hair done by her, cute and pretty!  

  • comfy environment
  • experience hairstylist
  • affordable price
  • friendly owner 

For more info:

Hair Now Facebook page:

34, Jalan Manis, Taman Segar, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(Call Tue – Sun: 10am – 7pm, including public holidays)
Phone: 03-9130 2611 / 013-934 9941 
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