Friday, August 3

Free Baskin Robbins for Gold Meal in Olympic 2012

Olympic FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Malaysia wins its first Olympic GOLD medal, we got FREE baskin robbins ice-cream!!!!!!!!
okla...we aim for our star of hope here....
"If Datuk Lee Chong Wei wins, we got FREE baskin robbins ice-cream next Wednesday!!!!!"
I want my ice-cream!!!!!Let's pray for our hero to win~~~hehehehhehe.....=P

It's Media Prima's intention to unite Malaysian in collaboration with Baskin-Robbins to give away FREE ice-cream on Wednesday, 8 August 2012 from 8pm till 10pm at all 61 #BaskinRobbins outlets nationwide (excluding two kiosks at Pantai Hospital & Genting Theme Park) IF Malaysia wins its first #Olympic GOLD medal!

photo courtesy to 8tv

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