Sunday, July 29

What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

Well before going into the topic,
I wanna have a short introduction of myself!
I am a life PAPARAZZI of everything because I love photography!!! That's it.

I have been using my Sony Ericsson K800i Camera Phone for 6years and still on the run. From there, I learned that cyber shot is a well done function! Sometimes my friend even ask after browsing my photos"Which model of DSLR are you using?" So as you can see cyber shot really brings out the sharpness of the photo!

After being loyal to my little phone camera for 6years, immediately I switch my choice into a bigger toy,
my NIKON D90 DSLR!!!
I know this is a tremendous evolution....but everything lies behind a word PASSION...
So, no doubt on having a good camera as the picture quality really satisfied me!

Well of course I get a better ISO, clearer and wider view~
BUT then, the only problem is I need something HANDY!!!

#I can't go for a simple meal with my friends by bringing my DSLR...
People will start staring at me and said are you a FREAK for taking the small plate of CHEE CHEONG FUN???!!!!@_______@


#I can't go for a simple date with my boy friend with the bulky DSLR....
I'm sure he will complained and say "Are you dating with me or your DSLR?"
Plus, instead of holding his hand I will be busy to keep an eye on all the lenses and flash gun in my sling bag...
I believe he will shoot me like Mr. Bean!!!!

#People will think that I'm a journalist from whichever press...

Finally, with the new Sony Cyber-shot WX100, my puzzle solved~
I could find something in between my camera phone and DSLR.
it's light!!!!
it's handy!!!!
it's trendy!!!!!

Point no.1
I can take my plate of CHEE CHEONG FUN with the smallest and lightest Sony Cyber-shot WX100!

Point no.2
I can hold my boy friend and have a sweet dating moment without the troublesome of holding all the gadgets!

Point no.3
I can be a normal citizen without creating misunderstanding!

Point no.4
I can take my food photo wherever I go as a food blogger with the camera in my pocket!

Point no.5
I can take daily bloopers photo without the notice of my friends and family around me!

Point no.6
Most importantly, I could make people SMILE by posing towards my coolest  Sony Cyber-shot WX100!!!

So, hope I will be the lucky person on earth to review the latest smallest, lightest, coolest Sony Cyber-shot WX100 if I manage to get one!!!
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