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OISO Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe, Bangsar South

OISO!!!! means welcome in Korean dialect in the culture.
Well, as you can see the picture tells you what is OISO all about.

But I really wanna stress on  the spirit of OISO where 
"The best recipes comes from our heart". 
Yah often that we heard that when we were in a bad mood, it affected our cooking as well! 

 Recently went to a food hunt @Bangsar South, a newly place which is a 60-acre mixed development project that consists of The Village property gallery, The Horizon boutique offices, The Vertical office towers, The Sphere lifestyle shopping mall, and The Park Residences resort style condominiums. I see there's few more restaurants and cafe yet to be explore.

 But this time let's have some homely Korean Traditional Cuisine by OISO!
One thing that amazed me was definitely the wall art of this restaurant!!hahahaah....I can see the owner is an artistic person...Just walk around and you will also spot some cute stuff hiding here and there...Well, I do not know about you. I am a person who will look into those details part. Fascinating miniatures.. 

Now the menu, nothing fancy or luxury. Yet I love the simple concept about OISO where everything is prepared by their sincere heart.

 Well instead of starting of with fork and knife, go for steel chopstick when it comes to korean cuisine. Am I right?

I order this because it stated recommended in the menu!
 Shik-Hae(if I'm not mistaken)
Korean Rice Drink
Looking at it I was thinking, is that barley or what? But I was wrong, it has the fragrant from malt and rice with a slight hint of sweetness. Just nice and the combination is so special!

Next up, we had some side dishes before we move into our main course of the day. In Korean cuisine, you will noticed that we will definitely be served with these tiny plates of side dishes and some familiar one.  

Followup, we had BBQ fish with the Eggroll cake...

 Eggroll with a drizzle of tomato sauce ontop of it which bring up the taste. This is something like tamago in sushi. It is a blend of egg, crab meat, and vegetables. 

lunch RM14.90 dinner RM17.90
They used grilled blue mackerel for the BBQ FISH
Some BBQ Fish might be too dry and hard but certainly not for this! The outer part is slightly grilled but remained the center freshness of the fish. I love the sauce they used to grill the fish where you could taste a pinch of sweet and saltiness towards the BBQ fish. 

the taste is hard to describe but u must believe me to tryout this!!!
Plus, You can have it with free of charge at dinner time if you order more than two main dishes!!!

Pajeon or seafood pancake (spring onion and squid)
another version of korean pancake
PAJEON is usually recognizable by the highly visible green onions. It is similar to a Chinese green onion pancake in appearance but is less dense in texture and not made from a dough. As you can see some dishes from home here!=P

 lunch 10.9 dinner 13.9
Potato noodle
This is something like glass noodle and it's very healthy with a combo of vegetables and mushroom ontop of it! For those who cannot take spicy food, I recommend this to you!

Fresh Octopus with Korean chili sauce
This goes well with the noodle which is tasteless! Great pair..

This is the one which is the most famous street food in Korea. Chewy chewy and chewy texture of the rice cake with a well blend of Korean sauce. I believe it's a kimchi sauce and kinda spicy with the chopped red and green chilies!!!

lunch RM15.9 dinner RM18.9
Bulgogi itself means "fire meat" in Korean. It is so special because the beef is marinated with soy and pear sauce. Glass noodle are added to the dish which paired well with the flavorful and tenderness of the slices of thin beef. I could find lettuce in this dish to balance up our diet. 

[strongly recommended!!!]
When this Seafood Steamboat was served infront of me, I was like wow!!!! It's like a jackpot of seafood..
A happening of octopus, squid, crab, shell, mussle, prawn, several seafood and vegetables!
 More than 15 indegrients cooked on the table with the bean paste as soup based. Just OMG!!!!

Last but not least,
thanks to the owner of OISO for preparing such a whelming dinner and we could realy feel his sincere heart from the taste of the food!!!
the owner of OISO(he is a korean), Esther, Huanhuan, Choco

Look at both of my pretty sister in Christ.
They love the food here so much!!!

I was so happy that night to share good food with my friends....Most importantly I love korean cuisine!!!Therefore, as a conclusion, OISO will be on my top list!!!!


  • Refillable side dishes.
  • Chef from Korea with 13 years of experience.
  • Indoor and outdoor dining space.
  • Wi-Fi available.
  • Pork-free restaurant.

The restaurant's address:
Unit G-3, Ground Floor, The Sphere,
No. 1, Avenue 1 Bangsar South,
No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi
Kuala Lumpur 59200

opens  Mon – Fri: 4pm – 10.30pm /
Sat – Sun: 10am – 10.30pm
(including public holidays)
 03-2242 1349

OISO facebook page:
click here!

Bangsar South facebook page:
click here!

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