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Café Takahashi, Tokyo Street Pavilion KL

[Cafe Takahashi does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.]

The concept of Tokyo Street is to create a modern facets of Japanese culture &ambient by using the Japanese traditional elements. Most of the shops interior are based on Japanese culture, many of the shops are named in Japanese character. Japanese Lantern are used for the lighting decoration.

Here's my visit of one of the food chain of Tokyo Street...
a contemporary Japanese cafe- Cafe TAKAHASHI

Takahashi Cafe is the latest contemporary Japanese style cuisine to hit the market, blending modernity with ancient western remedies, to capture the market with a clean and clear concept, but most importantly – fun and easy to drink, coupled with hygiene smart modern packaging and great design to reflect our current society.

 This certainly reminds me of the same type of display from Pasta De Gohan, Sunway Pyramid. Just that they added some Japanese Anime Character to join the fun and of course giving a hint of Japanese feel here! So, you will be expecting something fusion going on here~

Here's a review done by 8TV HOCHIAK!!!
Cafe Takahashi does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.

The interior and some spotted display by my cam....
Uhhh.....the display look so real~~~~I'm hungry!!! 

 I'm Ultraman not "AWTA"man k!!!!^^

Brilliant frame menu on their wall....I guess these are the MUST HAVE item....

The Menu settling outside of their cafe as for you to decide whether to walk in or not...

Let's start my dinner with a warming welcoming Green Tea...
 Follow with
 Taka Moriawase is a platter of four Japanese cold appetizers of Grilled Seasonal Baby Octopus, Chuka Wakame, Chuka Hotate and Kara Pickles. My preference has to be Chuka Hotate which is the seasoning scallops. I dare not try the baby octopus because it looks so much alive.

  [Recommended] The sweet flavor from the slices of eels (UNAGI) were juicy and creamy pairing up with thick udon. The egg goes just well with everything here to jazz up the taste. 

 Next, Seafood Kimuchi Soup was filled with a little sour and spicy kimchi broth of seafood and noodles. The taste was average but I love the fact that it was filled with mussel, scallop, squid and prawns in every spoon! Cool...

 Duck with pasta?

Kamo Konsei Al’Olio, Smoked Duck with Wafu Pasta Smoky duck breast slices were simply captivating! The taste was nice with the fragrant from the mushrooms, chilies and garlic. Reminds me of mom's cooking! Excellent! But if the duck skin is crispy, I will definitely go nuts for this.

Don't get tricked by the look of this pasta!!!! It's SPICY!!!but I loved it....
 [Recommended] Mixing the yolk in the center and toss it. You'll find the magic taste of the Spicy Prawn Carbonara! It's smooth, spicy and bouncy taste all in my mouth. The yolk added extra silkiness to the whole dish. 

It's RED but it's not SPICY...
hahahah....you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover now right?
 Both the topping(marinated Pollack fish roes called Mentaiko) were too salty for my taste...I think they should reduce the amount of topping or set it aside. the saltiness overpowered the scallop and salmon and I couldn't taste them. But a thumbs to the freshness and juicy of scallop.

 A crispy huge piece of panko coated chicken, cut into pieces and sauced up with mayo and Tonkatsu sauce. Emm Emm....paired with the "non-boring white rice"...So fulling!!!!

Delightful Japanese Deep Fried Chicken paired with potato and some baby vegetables....Hidakimas~~~~

Surprise Surprise with a Humongous guy here!!!!!!!!!! 
But this prawn is no kidding HUGE!!!!

[Recommended] I loved this much but the sambal sauce is a bit sweet to my expectation. Maybe spicy is a better taste for this? Anyways its my preference as I love spicy food!!!!  

A rich creamy mushroom soup (with loads of mushroom slices) served along with mini puff pastries. Well, a new pairing as normally will use french garlic bread...

Pizza is the forte of Cafe Takahashi
Don't think that you will be served with traditional crust, No!
[Recommended] OMG!!!! this is killing....For your information, it's not hotdog but smoked duck!! Smoked duck in the pizza together with pineapples, bell peppers, cheese and sweet chili sauce. 

Pizza (Sweet version)
Tamago &banana pizza. A perfectly prepared thin-crust treat that doubled as dessert; the combination of luscious strips of omelet with ripe slivers of banana was an unexpected delight, blending beautifully with the creamy cheese and a subtly sweet sauce.

Well this is a twist in the Burger World
 Unagi???isn't that suppose to be in sushi?

 Uhh such a huge portion..But the taste was ok to me...

My favourite part...
we girls hands up for this...hungry again....
[Recommended:Macha] Lots of texture and as you can see the bottom full with cornflakes...never boring for their dessert at TAKAHASHI.. Dip ur spoon deep down and get yourself everything in a spoon to have the greatest enjoyment!

This is mend for coffee lover! The cheese mousse was creamy and tainted with a good hint of coffee.

[Recommended] Rich taste of 3 layered Chocolate Mousse. It's creamy, smooth, and silky all the way into my mouth.
End my satisfying Japanese Fusion dinner with Macha Tiramisu, a light mascarpone cheese flavored with Matcha, sponge lady fingers and strawberries. Thumbs that it's not too sweet...=) 

 I loved that it's a quite place suitable for us to chit chat...

it's a nice cozy ambiance for a gathering among friends and family....

Level 6, Tokyo Street
No 6.24.1B Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2163 6454
Fax: 03 2143 9454

Website: www.cafe-taka.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CafeTakahashi


Nikel Khor said...

Cant resist for Japanese food.. yummy!

choi yen said...

Their pastas are good!

chowchow7 said...

yea nikel &choi yen,i'll definitely go bac and bring along my frens...=P

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