Sunday, July 29

What can I do with Sony Cyber-shot WX100 in my daily life?

Well before going into the topic,
I wanna have a short introduction of myself!
I am a life PAPARAZZI of everything because I love photography!!! That's it.

I have been using my Sony Ericsson K800i Camera Phone for 6years and still on the run. From there, I learned that cyber shot is a well done function! Sometimes my friend even ask after browsing my photos"Which model of DSLR are you using?" So as you can see cyber shot really brings out the sharpness of the photo!

After being loyal to my little phone camera for 6years, immediately I switch my choice into a bigger toy,
my NIKON D90 DSLR!!!
I know this is a tremendous evolution....but everything lies behind a word PASSION...
So, no doubt on having a good camera as the picture quality really satisfied me!

Well of course I get a better ISO, clearer and wider view~
BUT then, the only problem is I need something HANDY!!!

#I can't go for a simple meal with my friends by bringing my DSLR...
People will start staring at me and said are you a FREAK for taking the small plate of CHEE CHEONG FUN???!!!!@_______@


#I can't go for a simple date with my boy friend with the bulky DSLR....
I'm sure he will complained and say "Are you dating with me or your DSLR?"
Plus, instead of holding his hand I will be busy to keep an eye on all the lenses and flash gun in my sling bag...
I believe he will shoot me like Mr. Bean!!!!

#People will think that I'm a journalist from whichever press...

Finally, with the new Sony Cyber-shot WX100, my puzzle solved~
I could find something in between my camera phone and DSLR.
it's light!!!!
it's handy!!!!
it's trendy!!!!!

Point no.1
I can take my plate of CHEE CHEONG FUN with the smallest and lightest Sony Cyber-shot WX100!

Point no.2
I can hold my boy friend and have a sweet dating moment without the troublesome of holding all the gadgets!

Point no.3
I can be a normal citizen without creating misunderstanding!

Point no.4
I can take my food photo wherever I go as a food blogger with the camera in my pocket!

Point no.5
I can take daily bloopers photo without the notice of my friends and family around me!

Point no.6
Most importantly, I could make people SMILE by posing towards my coolest  Sony Cyber-shot WX100!!!

So, hope I will be the lucky person on earth to review the latest smallest, lightest, coolest Sony Cyber-shot WX100 if I manage to get one!!!

Saturday, July 28

Kristen Stewart Cheated Robert Pattinson and went with the Huntsman!!!

What a shocking news to know that the thousand years promises has broken before dawn!!!!

I'm so disappointed, speechless and Good Luck to those betrayer in relationship~~~~~~~~

Friday, July 27

Croisette Café Bistro & Pastry Corner, Business Set Lunch 【家庭式の法式料理】


"Croisette Cafe"

为了让顾客能有机会享用到实惠及不过于昂贵的法式料理,老板决定在一个隐秘的Cascadium 公寓里(三楼,泳池边)林立了他的家庭式的法式料理餐厅。减低成本,让法式料理更加的贴近我们,达到零距离的接触!!!

那么这次其实是我第二次的光顾,在第一次的光顾,我给了Croisette Cafe 一个好评~赞!这次来是要试试他们新推出的Business set. 对我而言这是蛮实惠的完整午餐套餐。工作半天累了好好的疼自己的胃吧!

Business Set Lunch 有何实惠?
比起order a la carte 节省40-45%

Tuesday, July 24

Germasik Selera Buffet at The Mill, Grand Millenium K.L.

Savour authentic Malaysian themed buffet from 21 July to 20 August 2012 at The Mill, featuring Chef's signature dish such as Oven Roasted Whole Lamb served Rosemary Hollandaise and Mint Sauce, Aneka Gorengan, as well as Nasi Kerabu or Nasi Ulam, to name but a few.

Gemersik Selera, or Melody of Flavours, is the hotels signature dinner buffet bringing together a medley of the finest recipes from the Middle East, India and Malaysia. Its elegant and contemporary design and use of low lighting creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Among the features of the restaurant is its modern buffet style set-up and open kitchen concept capable of accommodating 180 people with two semi private dining rooms. 

Well, here's a menu list on what you about to have:
Main Items:
Ayam Percik (spicy marinated chicken), Rendang Udang Berkerisik (shrimp in a fairly dry coconut-based sauce), Sup Ekor (oxtail soup), Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak (Catfish in fermented durian sauce), Sayur Lodeh (vegetables in coconut milk with fresh ginger and turmeric)

Keropok, papadam and pickled fruit accompanied the main dishes, salads: Kerabu Perut, Kerabu Mangga Muda (sour mango salad), and Kerabu Jantung Pisang (banana flower salad).  

Fried Items:
chicken tika, morsels of marinated chicken breast, squid and Burung Puyuh (quail).

Desserts included Pisang Goreng, Sukun Goreng and Cempedak Goreng, various deep-fried fruits, which were all nice and crispy, Pengat Nangka (jackfruit in coconut milk), Semolina Milk Pudding, Tab Tim Grob, and a delicious Mango Cheese Cake.

Saturday, July 21

OISO Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe, Bangsar South

OISO!!!! means welcome in Korean dialect in the culture.
Well, as you can see the picture tells you what is OISO all about.

But I really wanna stress on  the spirit of OISO where 
"The best recipes comes from our heart". 
Yah often that we heard that when we were in a bad mood, it affected our cooking as well! 

Friday, July 20

choco banana, breakfast idea

Happy Friday!
my breakfast for today...
gardenia chocolate loaf to go with bananas and not forgetting the soya oat drink!

Wednesday, July 18

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

As I wanted to create a ghastly feel here,
the lights have to be off.......
This flash mob is taken from the well-known thriller dance by our late POP KING-Michael Jackson....

The 1st STEP:
Makeup is a must in order to get the feel.

Get a BUNCH of crazy NUFFIES  to do the mob!!!

Get a LEADER for the mob dance!!!

which is me....XD

Kill the audience with your COOLEST MOVES!!!

ready for the STEP UP!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10

Café Takahashi, Tokyo Street Pavilion KL

[Cafe Takahashi does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.]

The concept of Tokyo Street is to create a modern facets of Japanese culture &ambient by using the Japanese traditional elements. Most of the shops interior are based on Japanese culture, many of the shops are named in Japanese character. Japanese Lantern are used for the lighting decoration.

Here's my visit of one of the food chain of Tokyo Street...
a contemporary Japanese cafe- Cafe TAKAHASHI

Takahashi Cafe is the latest contemporary Japanese style cuisine to hit the market, blending modernity with ancient western remedies, to capture the market with a clean and clear concept, but most importantly – fun and easy to drink, coupled with hygiene smart modern packaging and great design to reflect our current society.

Sunday, July 8


World-renowned Japan martial arts and drum-playing extraordinaires, Drum Tao, will finally be showcasing their internationally applauded performance in KL for the very first time in August 24 ¨C 25 at the KLCC Plenary Hall.
After playing to audiences of more than 5 million, in 400 cities in 17 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK and Germany, critically-acclaimed Drum Tao, will explode onto the KL stage with its eclectic mix of dance and martial arts as the dynamic and innovative Japanese performers beat their Wadaiko Drums.
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