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The Loaf, Pavilion KL

The premium breads and pastries at The Loaf are made daily using traditional Japanese techniques. These hand-crafted artisan products use only the finest quality, natural and chemical-free ingredients in their preparation. In line with the company's philosophy, all its products are made from high quality imported and local ingredients.

The breads and pastries are available for dine-in or take-away. The Loaf also offers a full range of à la carte breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for those who appreciate a dining experience in a relaxed ambience.

Here's my visit of The Loaf, Pavilion KL
If you are a bread lover like me, you gonna love every single part of this believe me!

Each Oyaki priced RM2.90 and if you buy 5 Get 1 Free!

"Try out their best selling Oyaki – Sausage Cheese"

Spotted some special home made jam here...As written on the label of the jam, "The Loaf produces an exclusive range of jams using the finest ingredients including herbs and spices." The taste is so natural that I could have more of my croissants and scones to go with their jam!

Going nuts are you?

There are more to drive you crazy for it! If your eye sight is good enough to spot the 50% tag, yeap~ they got a member price for that if not mistaken. Do checkout their page for more.

As the name goes, it's soft and fluffy. Something like hokkaido cake.

Assorted cookies to cater your taste bud!

Well, here comes our pretty famous and popular Miss UHUHU cheese cake!!!! They are so adorable and taste uniquely different in their own flavour! Watch out the Durian one! Personally, I love the oreo cheese cake!
Their signature Cheese Cake with assorted flavours for only: 
RM3.20+ per pc
Half Dozen 6 pcs RM18.20+
One Dozen 12pcs RM34.60+

A Must try!!!
The Loaf signature drink comprises of a glass of Espresso Ice Cubes frozen deep into -60' Dairei Super Freezer. Enjoy the coffee's richness as it slowly melt in the warm fresh milk. The idea is so good as your coffee will not losses it's taste when the ice cube melts.   

A rainbow colour of drinks for you to choose on.....

Jam with different combination. Basically, it's a blend of real fruit and spices or herbs!

To my surprise The Loaf not only breads and pastries, but some of their dish that I've tasted really captured my taste bud! So, let's browse for the share~ 

First come first, a whelming salad...
RM20 ++

It's a great starter for a healthy salad especially the avocado here. It is good for skin and so I try to munch more on that.

A big hand for this!!!! I love this creation so much. Not only it's creative looking but most importantly, it tasted rich in different blend of mushroom in it's recipe. You will find some mushroom chunks in every spoon. Remember to eat the bread! It tasted heavenly after soaking the mushroom soup. The outer part is still crispy. 

Here's a closer picture for you to see how they really use real fruits in the jam.

another soup to warm your tummy

It's a Pasta Fiesta! I love my to be not that creamy and light. Here is the one I'm looking for! The crispy garlic french slice bring this dish up to another stage. Thumbs for it.

Now, the Chicken Meatloaf and Beef Meatloaf might look exactly the same to you but then the texture is totally different! For me, I love the Beef Meatloaf . The Chicken Meatloaf tend to be chunkier than Beef Meatloaf. 

Whilst Beef Meatloaf is so much softer than the Chicken Meatloaf and everything blended so fine. Plus, somehow I find that the beef tasted better than the chicken. But my friend prefer some chunkiness so it's really up to your personal taste. Instead of having rice as carbs, they replace it with US Russet Potatoes.   

Some Cheddar Cheese and loads of mushroom on top of your salad, how could you ask more?

Of all the dishes I had, I really have to say Ohlala to this! This is the crown of other dishes that I've tasted. The outer part of the Salmon is soaked with special sauce and I think they pan fried the salmon that you will taste a light crisp of it. Not forgetting the nice pair of it which is the Italian Rice (Risotto). I love this and you guys should really order this!!!! No regret! 

Look at this!!!! It's our Tun Mahathir's Must have breakfast @The Loaf. But honestly, the portion is kinda big for me. But who cares because as the saying goes, we should eat like a King for breakfast, right? The curry is not my cup of tea as the taste is too power with Indian spices. Other than that, this is a great choice to start up our hectic day!

Last but not least, my last two recommendation of all the bread.
This is one of my choice of all the Oyaki above. Cranberry is a great pair of cheese! Sweet and a bit soury taste, magnificent!!

According to the chef , this is the most expensive bread among all and it's also Tun Mahathir's favorite! Certainly, it was mine also. This kind of bread is mend to be tough because they have a tough dough so do take sometime to enjoy it! I did. 

Thanks to the chef for the preparation of food! 
a short recap of our bunch of ladies bloggers...

I swear I'll definitely bring my dad for a visit soon because he is a die-hard fans for bread and he couldn't survive without bread! Kudos to The Loaf and thanks to the creation of nice bread, pastries, and not forgetting they do offered nice set meals!

Highly Recommended by choco:
UHUHU Cheese cake
The Loaf Cube -60' C
Salmon Oelek

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Henry Tan said...

lol wow all the girls taking photo like a pro!

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

I'm really surprised they have so many variety of food besides bread!

Nikel Khor said...

look really nice!

chowchow7 said...

henry tan:very pro rit??hahahah...v r serious u noe!=P

Charmaine:yea im surprise as well!!!and oh my gosh i love everything there!!!

nikel:taste nice as well!=))

Xue Ren said...

the food look so tasty there! =P

chowchow7 said...

yup xue ren...smell nice too...taste nicer!!^^

sycookies said...

mushroom soup looks awesome with all those sesame on the bread! Argh...hungry~~

chowchow7 said...

go for it!!!i strongly recommend them!^^

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