Wednesday, June 20

All Smiles At Genting’s Charity Movie Screening

Thanks to the courtesy of Nuffnang and Resorts World Genting that I get to spend my time with a bunch of underprivileged kids. This special project is organized for underprivileged children to enjoy a fun day out at the resorts along with Genting’s social media fans! I had so much fun doing my charity part with a partner here!!! 

Our first activity together with our kids were to attend a movie screening of Men In Black 3! The most exciting part was the 3D part. This was my first time watching movie in the cool 3D glasses. Really cool~~~~~hahahahah...just like the Man In Black here... 

Before heading in the cinema, we were served with a nice welcoming breakfast from STARBUCKS!!!!
wow..indeed a nice breakfast. I love it so much because it's a chocolate drink with two muffin. yummy yummy to start my day! 

Next, we were ushered to Genting Higlands cinema for our movie session.
a picture of our cool Man In Black look!!!
I invited my friend xueli (from right) as my partner and the rest were the volunteree from the homes. A big hand for them for willing to spare their time doing their charity part! yay~ and Cik Lily Putih holding her camera behind there...hahahah....That's the significant pose of us as a blogger.
xueli and me
Thanks for your time here!!!
the kids

We loved the movie so much, very interesting and I heard good feedback from others as well. Everything pops up when wearing the 3D glasses. All the characters seemed to be jumping out of the cinema screen! A big thumbs up for 3D Men in Black III movie screening!!! 

Next, we had our lunch buffet at One Hotel's restaurant and there me and xueli decided to grab a chance to chit chat with our kids.
The boys

The girls

Some share of our food...

At first, we tried to approached one of the girl but was ignored by her. Maybe she's too shy. Then we tried another girl and we manage to pull our conversation in. The others just joined in the chat when they were feeling more comfort with us. To start a conversation was never easy. So, we were happy for that!
The girl we manage to approach named San-Tit and she's from Vietnam. So the most difficult part I would say is language! Me and my partner struggled to make them understand us. We speak slowly and word by word. Their level of understanding in English is very low and they dunno Bahasa either. Luckily San-Tit understand us and speaks a little English and she even help us to translate among her friends. That's how we mingled among them.

it's good that we managed to pull them together for a mingling session. 
What I get is that sometimes we don't really need a good language or communication skill to converse. In the end a smile or a simple pat will soothes their heart. Definitely more than words!

Thanks to gigtoo for the sponsorship of souvenirs for the kids and to us as well!

We prepared our gift for the kids. But too bad I don't know the gender of my kid. Or else it's easier for me to prepare a suitable gift for either him or her.
If you can spot my handmade love card there....=P

I met Darrel and Anne from nuffnang!!! Thanks for ushering us whole day...=)

Thanks and million thanks for the opportunity! This is such a meaningful event! I will definitely join again next time.. The smile from a kid will brighten your day! So, do your part guys!!! They need you....


choi yen said...

great outing indeed!

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i can see that you really love kids alot :D

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Xue Ren said...

such an awesome charity event there! :D

chowchow7 said...

choiyen:yes indeed!

fiSh:they r so naive....=]

xueren:yup....thanks to nuff and genting for organizing...=]

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