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Sakae Sushi @ Paradigm Mall

If I mention about Green Frog + Sushi
What will you think of?
I believe straightaway Sakae Sushi will be in your head.  
As usual, I'll take all sorts of public transportation to hunt for my food....
Just a share on how I reach a new place called Paradigm Mall, kelana jaya....
***from my place, I take lrt from sentul timur to masjid jamek station then change to kelana jaya line, when you reach the last station of kelana jaya line (kelana jaya station), take a free shuttle bus straight to the door step of Paradigm Mall***
[kiddie pick: HAPPY FROGGIE]

The trend of eating sushi became very common nowadays...
Last time when people mention about sushi, it's like something very expensive but now sushi is like the bowl of rice where some might even get addicted to it! It comes with so much of variety and honestly i love the fine details and the vibrant colour of sushi just before it enters my mouth! It makes me feel happy!!(^~^)o

For your information, this is my 3rd visit to Sakae Sushi for this week...
hoping that some new creation will amaze me...=)
Recently opened~ This mall is definitely a hot topic now!
 Not much difference of the interior as other branches also using the same lamp decor and also the Sushi railway....
Sakae Sushi once again wowed fans with an extensive selection of new offerings for 2012. The well-loved Japanese restaurant recently unveiled its new and improved menu featuring 30 tempting new creations alongside all-time Sakae favourites.

First and foremost....
a warm welcoming Green Tea from Sakae Sushi...its bottomless! Customers can just use the unique piped in hot water taps built into each table...

introducing the iPad interactive menu system...
it's so convenient and all you have to do is just a point of your tip! 
The menu is conveniently divided into different sections. Depending on what they fancy, diners can take their pick from 21 sumptuous food categories ranging from Sakae’s signature sushi, sashimi, appetisers, tempura, rice dishes, udon and soba noodle and more. 
 even a four years old Ethan can order his own meal and every order will went straight to the kitchen and you'll be served with food in minutes....Look how interesting is Ethan's order~ wow...can I become a kid again to have that cute car?

Here comes our 1st dish of the lunch with tantalizingly fresh servings of prawns, tuna flakes, snow crab leg and assorted vegetables served with creamy goma dressing. 

3 slices of raw salmon can never satisfy your day!
 I'll dip my salmon into my self-mixed Japanese sweet sauce and wasabi...Oh yah not forgetting to squeeze the lemon and eat it with some ginger slice for better taste!! how you eat it?share with me...

 Mouth-watering maki creation of crispy soft shell crab, sweet bean curd, sushi rice and spicy mayonnaise. I love this! Don't you think it looks like bear paws?

Such a lovely dish here!!!
Intricately-designed roll of tempting grilled salmon, shrimp roe and mayonnaise on a delightful maki. Love the fact that the salmon was not fully cooked...

 Luscious roll consisting of whole cooked prawn with assorted vegetables and mayonnaise wrapped in a light crepe layer. The idea of using crepe wrap is great but then i hope the filling can be more so that when I munch in I don't feel emptiness in my Ebi Crepe~Anyways, the taste is good!

 Succulent whole prawn mixed with delicious vegetables and salad dressing, wrapped in sweet beancurd skin. I give a thumbs up for the presentation of this dish!!!! It's like the song piece "Swan Lake". I guess it will be great to drizzle some sauce around these swan to get the lake effect!hahahaha.....wonderful taste!

 Beautifully crafted flower rolls with delicate raw salmon petals and sushi rice centre topped with mayonnaise and a luxurious sprinkle of shrimp roe.

 Appetizing hotpot of prawns, cuttlefish, salmon, mushrooms and assorted vegetables in flavorful kimchee soup.

Udon lovers!!!! Checkout the new Curry Udon here...
Actually, I'm not a fans of UDON mainly because the thickness of UDON itself.... Japanese curry is different from Indian Curry. This is nothing spicy and yet i feel sweet and just a hint of spicy in the curry. The gravy of curry is thick compared with Indian curry.  

 Succulent half shell scallops grilled with cod fish roe. I get to chew for a moment for this...=P

Here's the luxurious dessert indulgences~THE ICE-CREAM!!!!
Although most of the bloggers go for the passion fruit ice-cream but personally, I give my vote to black sesame and matcha~ But if you love something sour, go for passion fruit flavored ice cream! In fact all of them are great! Natural goodness...=P
Besides, Sakae Sushi offers creative new blends like Kyuri Smoothie, Ninjin Smoothie and Kyoto Sunrise Smoothie  

Lovely friends in my blogging community

Choco & Jennifer 

Choi Yen & Choco

with a bunch of lovely female bloggers...I'm happy to meet you guys here!!!^^
[ shu hwi. fish. choco. choi yen. jennifer. merryn. yvonne sam.sui ying. eunice ]

...a family photo of the bloggers with Sakae Sushi FROGGIE...
let's not forget the guys here...
[Felix. Nikel. Sidney. Ethan. Ethan's daddy]

As a means of further rewarding its loyal customers, Sakae Sushi has also launched several promotions to commemorate the new menu. Newspaper readers can enjoy a special RM10 cash voucher valid with a minimum spend of RM25, with an additional free pink plate worth RM3.99 for Citibank cardholders. Facebook users will also be entitled to their share of freebies, by joining the Sakae Sushi Facebook fan page and taking part in various fun contests.

So for a brand new taste of delicious and value-for-money Japanese fare, look no further. Head on over now to a Sakae Sushi near you!  

More info at Sakae Sushi Malaysia facebook:

Contact Information:
Sakae Sushi
Yew June
Senior Marketing Manager
HP: 012-3828 617
T: 03-2287 1163


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Food Dreams said...

My favorite was Curry Udon & Ice Creams.... =)

Nice pics of all of us!! ;)

choi yen said...

I wish I was not rushing that day so I can have more of the ice-cream, they are so nice!

Shirley Tay said...

OMG, that's soooooo cute! I want, I want! Hahaha! Wonder if the S'pore branch has froggy too. Haven't been there for a long time.....

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nikel:yo wutt??u were there too lar...XD

Jenn:yup~i love it till d maxx!!!^^

choi yen:huhu~~~i finished ur portion tat dae....hahahah!!burp~=P

shirley:i believe your's soon!!!cheers...=))

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