Saturday, March 31

Taynton Fish Head Noodle, 大同鱼头米

its a FISHIE meal this time....
a HUGE fish in my bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^______^'s been years back since my 1st indulgence of Fish Head Noodle...if not mistaken it was my primary years....huh a total nightmare for the 1st carve...the stinky smell from the fish because it's not fresh, thick and milky soup base, feel like drinking UHT milk together with my noodle...euwww~~~~&
and so that's the end of my 1st Fish Head Noodle journey and I swore not to have it anymore...hahahaha...very wrong of my 1st impression towards it....

So, what so special of this Taynton Fish Head Noodle which put me into a trial again?????'s striking REDness 
 this is located the same row as Taynton View's PAN MEE
few months new opening
check this out!!!!

Their price is a bit high actually but treat yourself with good food once in a while lar....=) 
 as their restaurant named "Fish Head Noodle", so I just go for that....guess that must be their expertise...

a very clean environment with a pinch of authentic oriental feel...
love their chairs...and the marble jade piece table...

Having my lunch and here's my order
ohh yahh~~~just for your info...I saw the chef drip some 绍兴酒 to bring out the taste to the fullest and also what we call 去腥 in mandarin...the chinese wine makes my bowl of Fish Head Noodle so appetizing where I slurp the soup before carving into the fish and noodle.....
 love the clear soup and it is not UHT milk anymore....hahahahah....and it tasted a bit sour and a little spice because they added 酸菜, tomato and ginger slice in it....
i told the waiter that I want less milk.....Just nice!!!!! believe please please do tell them if u have phobia in milk....of course they have a zero milk soup base version....anyhow Fish Head Noodle without any milk? That is not my suggestion....The milk added a smooth texture to the base =))

My Poached Silver Carp Fish Head Noodle-RM8.30 thick is the fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
totally worth it~~~~~~^^

honestly...I can't finish it!@_____@

here's a little clap for the waiter who prepared a small plate for me to settle the FISH BONE.....
good service!!!!customer satisfaction~

*Big Portion
*No Air-con
*remember, you can ask waiter to add less milk to your soup!
*recommended: should order Deep Fried Silver Carp Fish Noodle for better taste!!!

now I can shout out loud~
Taynton version...

For more info:
Closed every wednesday
Tel: 016 983 7728

No 63, Jalan Dato Haji Harun, Taman Taynton View, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


Nikel Khor said...

I saw the name I tot was the chinese restaurant.. keke

Blackswan said...

MY hubby will go crazy over this fish soup. Hahaha! The soup looks really rich & yummy!

Hey gal, u may wanna try my latest Happy Call Recipe: Fluffy Minced Pork Omelette too :)

chowchow7 said...

hahahahha....nikel u muz b thinking its 大同月饼 2 XD

Shirley:very much yummy shirley...strongly recommend this 1 as im not a fan of fish head noodle...but i surrender for this...=P

Food Dreams said...

oo.. I wasnt a fan but lately its been something I would look for when I want something comforting. Price seem ok cos the portion and fish looks big.. filing this under my list to try for comfort! =)

chowchow7 said...

yup...jenn u should have a try...n tell me d taste yah~XP c u around...

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