Monday, March 5

seaweed popiah (very crunchy version)

no appetite to have big meal????
try this...
So far the crunchiest popiah I ever tasted @ jalan geliga, Cheras
POPIAH might be something very common but sushi plus popiah??? gotta try this!!!thumbs because the combination is so special.... 

it's a lovely Sunday morning and I suppose to go church as usual
but then school PIBG meeting holds me back...
So me and a temporary teacher, Michelle went on a breakfast at jalan geliga, Cheras.
For your information, Cheras is another well-known place with great food...
well....since I will be "serving" here for sometime,
maybe I shall explore the yummy food here for the sake of my readers....=P
and to share out among my friends and family...
this is to safe me from "arrr---eeerrr----yeee---ooo--wuuu"
when someone ask me about any good food in cheras...=P

here's the spotted yummy popiah!!!!!
to be honest, I'll always go for something which has a special combination like this... I just love trying out new stuff....=))

to my surprise
this is very cool!!!!!it's so crunchy....
this is something like sushi and popiah...
basically the crunchiness is from the "chicken floss keropok" (i wonder you have tasted crunchy chicken floss before? here you are) and the carrot plus sengkuang...
wrapped with seaweed as outer layer and it works well with chewy inner layer of popiah skin.
remember to eat it as whole for you to have the complete taste of everything...and you will not drop any of the filling out!!!this is a fulling popiah as there is rice in the filling and not forgetting a dash of mayonnaise.....yummm~~~~
it comes in 2rolls(sliced into 8) and counted as one portion
but we shared it cause it is quite fulling as told...

here's the map for your convenience...=))


Nikel Khor said...

I found this nearby my house's night market.. so nice..

Blackswan said...

Seaweed popiah?? I love seaweed & this is so creative. Gonna try this some time :)

Eunice said...

thx for attaching the map as well! I wanna try thiss!! I wonder how it taste...

Anonymous said...

i've tried it near my house, but the seaweed softens after sticking with the popiah skin for some time

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FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i've tried it near my house, but the seaweed softens after sticking with the popiah skin for some time

Latest: Penang Food Festival

Chuen said...

My friend bought this before but from PJ. I love it :D

chowchow7 said...

nikel:u stay near cheras???
blackswan:yup try it...i shall try my own too....=P
eunice....go try~it's opposite the long nite market of tmn connaught....=))
Fish:i eat it fresh so....its still crunchy~=P
chuen:same recipe?yup it was nice!

Shiok Leng said...

You should try the one at Taman Megah. Thats my all time fav. =)

chowchow7 said...

taman megah?can details me?coz im still very new to cheras area....=))thanks 4d share shiok leng

Ken said...

Hmm...interesting, can't seem to find one in Penang yet...

chowchow7 said...

yes yes....its hard to spot something special...therefore so excited to share with u guys...=)

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