Sunday, March 25

new healthy snack

an update~
here's another suggestion where you can add appleseed's dehydrated fruits as topping of your yogurt!

as the saying goes,
we should eat our breakfast like a King...
which means breakfast is the most important meal to keep us energetic whole day!
here's a healthy snack to share about....

***Dehydrating Fruits***
At Appleseed, we use Excalibur Food Dehydrator to dehydrate fruits. The dehydrated fruits have no added sugars. Dehydration is the process of removing some of the fruits' fluid or moisture, which makes them smaller and lighter and so concentrates their natural sugars. For this reason, total sugar and energy values are similar between dehydrated and fresh fruit. Dehydrated fruits can be taken as healthy snacks in between meals

so what are you waiting for?
flock your way to appleseed now!!!!

Basically we have 3variety of fruits here to choose from
-pineapple, papaya and green apple-
Here's the mini pack and we also have the regular pack which could be found in appleseed

We also have the mix fruit to avoid a split of choices from you guys out there

if you are interested do contact us and we can also customize it into wedding door gift or any part packs for order now!!!cheers and have a nice day from appleseed=)

for more do visit appleseed facebook page: 

contact person:
cynthia wong
(016 297 4989)



Henry Tan said...

wow i didnt know driedfruit would still be healthy?

chowchow7 said...

henry....this is not dry fruit...its dehydrated fruit specifically as the nutrient and vitamin are remained plus we don't add any sugar like other dry fruit...the sweetness comes from the fruit should consider a healthy 1....=)

missyblurkit said...

love dehydrated fruits. they make awesome snacks. very healthy and flavourful too. we do add some to our breakfast cereals:D

chowchow7 said...

yup..its differ from those with sugar added dried fruits...this is a natural sweetness dehydrated formula n very handy n convenient especially when v busy to eat fresh fruits....=)

Blackswan said...

So conveniently packed! Great as gifts too. Love it!

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FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i think eating with yoghurt is good! :) must be addictive once i have my first bite

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