Thursday, February 2

ya kun kaya toast singapore

[some review from the customer]
"Best kaya toast I had in Singapore. The bread is sliced into half the size it usually is then toasted. very crispy and it just tastes sooo good. I went to its original shop and the deco is great too. tea and coffee is normal but it goes well with the toast. Oh and it's cheap as well...only SGD 4 to 5 for a set. make it a very good snack time for tourists :)"

"This is one of the best cafe for local coffee plus the coconut jam on toast. Better than Starbucks.."

"Slightly pricey as compared to hawker stalls, but you pay for more consistent food quality and the branches location."

"The signature dish of half-boiled eggs, packed with 2 pieces of toasts and a milk tea that most local Singaporeans would enjoy."

a breakfast choice to go for...if you are in 
a set of kaya toast that comes with two runny eggs(half boiled eggs), two slices of kaya toast and a cup of piping hot coffee. 

Ya Kun coffee is a blend of two types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta.
here's my hot coffee
my cousin sis iced coffee

my greatest fear
this is like a FEAR FACTOR challenge for me
I dislike the raw taste of the half boiled eggs and the wobbly egg appeared a bit scary to me
but it comes with one set and I have to brave myself to eat it with the soy sauce and white pepper. 

and oh gosh~~~~~
it comes in twin....sorry guess this is definitely not my cup of tea
but for those who love half boiled eggs
I had risked my life for you....><

wanna poke or not?????!!!!!!

the egg is bleeding yellow...
all the yolk mix perfectly with my soy sauce and pepper mix

Ya Kun Kaya Toast used brown bread for their toast. It is toasted over real charcoal fire until it’s crisp. The signature kaya is specially formulated egg and coconut jam made from a proprietary recipe with no preservatives, no artificial colourings and flavourings added. Unlike toast bread from other coffee stalls, Ya Kun put in an extra effort by slicing a piece of toast bread into halves before applying kaya on one half and butter on the other half, and fold them like a sandwich. The thinly sliced toast bread is crisp and the fragrance of its kaya and butter is addictive enough to linger in your old factory memory.

thumbs up!!!! =)

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore
18 China Street #01-01
Far East Square Singapore
Tel: +65 6438 3638

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Metzelder Siow said...

Nice.. coffee :D

Professor Vegetable said...

I really want to try kaya!

chowchow7 said...

yah~~~this is a fine breakfast to go for!!!!im in a full status till!!!!incredible full!!

i love the toast!!!too bad lost my picture on it...@@

Nikel Khor said...

The egg is so yummy one.. I must taste it regular in mamak stall.. but cant eat too regularly.. high protein.. keke

Simple Person said...

d egg looks good....
I prefer to eat it original... no need to add pepper n soya sauce

HouHouSek said...

wa u put so much soya sauce xD

Blackswan said...

Yin, it's one of my fave joints too. Glad u've enjoyed eating there :)

Henry Tan said...

lol why your half boiled eggs seems like got put a lot of soy sauce? not salty? =S haha

chowchow7 said...

nikel:hahahahah...u r a fan of it huh?seriously not me...XP

simple person:*clap*.....*faint*....euwwwww~~~~~XD

houhousek & henry tan:hahahahah...kena caught by u guys...yah..tat's my tips to cover the raw smell from the egg..=P

blackswan:yea~~~~~thanks 2my cousin sis for bringing me there..."since 1944" i bet the food will not let me down and yes!!!thumbs up...but still..i don't dare to try the wiggle wobbly running egg..^^

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