Tuesday, February 21

不见不散 Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe

nowadays, an eye-catching name really helps in any business...

a new area with loads of food and beverage chain there...
such as chatime, overtime, ochado, sweet hut, thai food...blabla bla..just mention!!
this is located somewhere near genting klang...near Platinum Victory..no worries, you'll spot this for sure because it's by the roadside and their eye-catching name of the cafe-"no see no go?"(sorry for my bad translate)
 most of the time we will use this canton words when wanna plan a date with people to make sure no ffk (fong fei kei) issue occur~=P 

orange and black always a cool mix of colour campanion...don't you think so?
kudos to their designer!!!!nice menu =))

our order:
 mixed fruit salad-RM6.50
erm.... a bit different from the picture in their menu...
as in presentation wise..hmmm kinda disappointing coz dunno why there's accumulation of water when I finished my last piece of fruit...I think they should dry the fruits before serving it...

 Cheese baked rice with chicken chop-RM13.90
worth a try~

 Homemade mushroon cream soup-RM5.50

 Tomyam seafood mee hoon-RM8.90
this is a really sour and hot and spicy...my fren surrendered!!!!

 Vietnamese Spring Roll-RM4.50
we'll, a normal one...kinda mini to me =]

 Pork chop burger in "MACAU" style-RM6.30

"Japanese" Spare Ribs with rice-RM8.90
hmm...this is good but then if got some greens decor here will be more appetizing...=P
juz a suggestion...overall taste was ok...

Unagi Don-RM17.90
gosh~thumbs for this...no need my further explanation...the picture sounds the taste!!!!^^

yup...my church fellowship members...^^

  1. thumbs up environment
  2. food ok
  3. split with choices included dimsum
  4. just that service a bit clumps up,might serve wrong food (maybe because some of their foreign waiter there) 
  5. better call up for reservation, if not you'll have to wait outside.

(next to colombia hospital)

不见不散茶餐厅 Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe
G-21 & M-21 Platinum Victory
128, Jalan Genting Klang
53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
contact no:03 41431929

their HQ at cheras tmn shamelin perkasa there..

pat kin pat sun

try to share more food...^^


Nikel Khor said...

The names of this cafe is interesting...

Blackswan said...

A unique name indeed. Great place for chilling out & food looks good too!

Eunice said...

wahh~ so nice the pictures taken.. it seems like u enjoy your time with friends at this place too! ^^

choulyin.tan said...

ya I came here before too!! i like the environment of the place, sumore they have free wifi :D

chowchow7 said...

yah....a nice place 2hangout wit frenz....and it's easy 2remember...=P

Food Dreams said...

looked like HK style cuisine... decor and ambience quite nice! :0)

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