Monday, February 27

T@st6 @ Swiss-Garden Residences KL

had a fine dining moment with a bunch of great bloggers...I Google this place and find that it is just a few minutes of walking distance from monorail and star lrt hang tuah station...this time I bring along Soo Hooi my dearest sis in Christ to share the love of food with me...


T@ste6 at the Swiss Garden Residences is a brand new trendy and comfy restaurant located at Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Pronounced as "Taste At Six," this restaurant has contemporary garden elements design that surely will invites the feeling of 'dining in the garden.' For those of you who prefer looking into the skyline while enjoying your cuisine, T@ste6 have a large outdoor for you to dine with your company. So satisfy your cravings as you will enjoy variety choices of Gastronomical European BBQ Buffet! 

Wednesday, February 22

my student's ambition

my standard 2 student with his HUGE ambition here...
no wonder nowadays the class gets so noisy....
another battling dae in school...

Tuesday, February 21

不见不散 Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe

nowadays, an eye-catching name really helps in any business...

a new area with loads of food and beverage chain there...
such as chatime, overtime, ochado, sweet hut, thai food...blabla bla..just mention!!
this is located somewhere near genting klang...near Platinum worries, you'll spot this for sure because it's by the roadside and their eye-catching name of the cafe-"no see no go?"(sorry for my bad translate)
 most of the time we will use this canton words when wanna plan a date with people to make sure no ffk (fong fei kei) issue occur~=P 

Monday, February 20

DIY- The Collar Craze

this is definitely my style...
love the cool collar idea...
try ur own!!!!=)
Happie Monday guys....don't let the bluezz get into u...=P

Sunday, February 19

Happy 5th Birthday, NUFFNANG!

1st of all, I joined nuffnang less than a year but then throughout the months in nuffnang, I get to know some great blogger friends matter we blog in any topic or have different kind of expertise, the most important thing is we are one family under the stick man! I'm proud to be one of the blogger in this community thou I'm not so active attending events like others....but blogging is always my passion and I will continue my journey here no matter what....cut it short...
All the best to NUFFNANG....and wish u have a great Birthday Party and hopefully I got the chance to wish u Happie Birthday in person on your actual day!!!!(^______________^)

and so here's the million dollar question:
How you think the famous Nuffnang stick man should celebrate his 5th birthday? answer will be a BLOGGERS FOAM PARTY!!!!!
as to cool down the overly warm feeling of the stick man's birthday celebration~

no matter how the stick man gonna change in future...
I will still be a supporter of it!!!!!
that's for sure....

Wednesday, February 15

my 2012 birthday

COWABUNGA DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (@O@)o
 so busy with my teaching life now...hardly find time to manage my blog these days....
piles of books to mark
lesson planning
assist student to swimming competition
school activities and blablablaaa.... matter teacher or blogger...
here's a little sum up of my 12/02/2012 birthday....
[my pre-birthday celeb]
papa and mommy
uncle chit ha and aunt cynthia
cadmon and sophia
@sushi king,leisure mall

[birthdae lunch celeb]
sri rampai grace church fellowship members

[bak kut teh dinner treat]
aunt chong siew lan
@pj oldtown

                                   sorry guys food share then                                                                                                                                           busy life......chow~@@

ohh yah...
thanks for the wishes, phone calls, blog wishes, facebook msg, prayer in phone, phone text, everyone of you and thank you for following some of my crap in my blog....XP 

Thursday, February 9

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ Kl&Selangor Assembly Hall,Kuala Lumpur

Thanks to mummy and papa for the early celebration of my birthdae in year of dragon...I'm one of the dragon baby ohh...haaaa!!!know my age dy....We went Purple Cane Tea Restaurant which located beside KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (walking distance from Maharajalela Monorail)
This was my 2nd visit....last time I tried their buffet catering and seriously I love it...told myself that I will have another visit here again...muahahahha....that was years ago... 

Wednesday, February 8

someone drop by jalan dato senu!!!

[from wikipedia]
Calvin and Hobbes is a syndicated daily comic strip that was written and illustrated by American cartoonist Bill Watterson, and syndicated from November 18, 1985, to December 31, 1995. It follows the humorous antics of Calvin, a precocious and adventurous six-year-old boy, and Hobbes, his sardonic stuffed tiger

Tuesday, February 7

my pre-birthday celeb 2012

Hapieeeeeeeeeeeeeee Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 wait wait wait....hold on....
not so fast lar....(@@)

Thursday, February 2

ya kun kaya toast singapore

[some review from the customer]
"Best kaya toast I had in Singapore. The bread is sliced into half the size it usually is then toasted. very crispy and it just tastes sooo good. I went to its original shop and the deco is great too. tea and coffee is normal but it goes well with the toast. Oh and it's cheap as well...only SGD 4 to 5 for a set. make it a very good snack time for tourists :)"

"This is one of the best cafe for local coffee plus the coconut jam on toast. Better than Starbucks.."

"Slightly pricey as compared to hawker stalls, but you pay for more consistent food quality and the branches location."

"The signature dish of half-boiled eggs, packed with 2 pieces of toasts and a milk tea that most local Singaporeans would enjoy."

a breakfast choice to go for...if you are in 
a set of kaya toast that comes with two runny eggs(half boiled eggs), two slices of kaya toast and a cup of piping hot coffee. 

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