Tuesday, January 10

weird feeling...

i dunno what is the kind of feeling in me now
i should be jumping and shouting rejoice to get the place I wanted badly for years
but then when i finally knew i get the place which i opted for
i find that there isn't any joy in me
that's weird
in fact I had an insomnia night 
heart bumping irregular time
i questioned
God is this the place you want me to be
is this the place that i can grow even more
a sudden lost in me
maybe a part of me wanted to get out of this comfort zone
anyways i am thankful to the verdict
and see how's my life gonna be here
but then i have an instinct in me
which i won't stay here for long
what a weird feeling...


Merryn said...

it's gonna be great. dont think too much about it and just let life runs its course. good luck to your future and you'll do good.. as always :)

chowchow7 said...

thanks merryn....i definitely need some support...thanks...wish i can do good in kl...for education!=)

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