Friday, January 13

station 1 leisure cafe

i love food
 i love my friends 
and definitely i love music  
went there with aunt cynthia...
again she strictly warned me not to have her photo...

I prefer the night feeling here as there will be some singer, guitarist or keyboardist here. While dining you'll be serve with music and you can even request for any song from the singer. Just that from my previous experience, the singer can't sing the song that I picked. hmmm...but it's ok just don't expect too much..^^ Anyhow, i'ts a fine place for a bunch of friends to hangout and have some yumcha plus chit chat moment there!   

 ohh yah!!!!and it's a good place for soccer-kaki out there~
 Manchester United!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
I always kena boo by my friends for this...

so...this is their "Day Time" menu 

 ermmm....i don't really go for the savor of peppermint stuff because it reminds me of toothpaste...=P
but then this is to do with personal preference...anyways I guess it's a nice drink for peppermint lover out there...  

i ordered apple you can see the bubble topping showed that it was blended from fresh fruit and honestly I was a bit disappointed as it seemed to be too watery as seen in picture...but then when I stir and had a taste on it..kinda surprise that it tasted how bout those really green one?I wonder they added colouring too it?

aunt cynthia and me shared a plate of Football Platter because both of us had really small appetite
 Football Platter comes with thousand island
I prefer the bruschetta (bread topped with tuna mayo) to be crunchy..and other than that, just a simple and normal taste of finger food...anyways sometimes the taste of food is not that important than the fellowship of bunch of friends and family here...have yourself a nice sharing moment @ station 1....

ooppss you've missed it...XD

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