Monday, January 9

Pets Project 2012

Please look at this fella for a few second...
isn't he telling you that
"I feel lonely here..............."
(a silent protest)

After gone through this Pets Project 2012 as a volunteer,
I found that not many people paying a helping hand for this charity event...
we're short of volunteer that day and not much public know bout this... the way it's a one day project...

all the fund raising will be into animal welfare...

a poser dog....
he seemed like knowing that I was snapping for him..

is that a mold? a significant for this kind of dog...

here's the huge guy with thick fur....
poor CHOWCHOW of the hot weather here
the volunteer was getting some cooling pad for him....

cats which looking tired here...

*our volunteer moments*
newly met blogger fren
and oso benjamin & yeong boon
nice meeting u guys...thou juz a short while =)

-a sweet "just pie" gurl from UTAR-
wuuu....spotted nancy behind there...XP
(can checkout their pie here..

-Bliss yogurt drink gurl...channerphy chai &nanxi-
 my bestie in college
thanks for your attendance..

nancy in-charge of the maggi section

second meet with JQ after the Malaysian Girls
and I got my prize from her..
my JAMIE OLIVER book!!!!yea....thanks for that!!..=)
here's my simple post: 

animal lover who owned 20 dogs!!!! she's oso a blogger~
and we shared the same job in education field~~how coincident is that...
and I was truly glad to know you more through the sticking football card job..hahahah=P
thanks for sharing your experience and this charity job to us...

-Alice from British International School
our head of 1st floor a helpful person indeed to brief us and help us out~

the cutest boy ever here!!!!
a son of one of the committee of Pet's Project 2012

In short...I love to be a volunteer in any kind of Charity event although we sweat whole day...
 But in the end, we knew where the money goes to..
I was a bit disappointed with some human being who took our food and beverages without any donation..and they could just ignore our stare and walk away like that....That's what made me pissed!!!!
I mean..come on...this was obviously a Charity for animals and how could you took it like that and assumed it to be free? Some even pay RM1 for 2 bottles of Nestle Yogurt Drink (Bliss), which market price is RM2.20 per bottle...some ask me to wait for his RM50 change and then gone in air...some wanted to buy a carton of REVIVE from us for just were the true colours....Anyways, I was happy to work with bunch of angel volunteer friends and also those committee of Pets Project 2012 especially Sabrina Saw the organizer of the whole you guys and your spirit!!!

Really hope more people can help out in future....
just a share..


benjamin foo said...

where am i !!!!!!???

HenRy LeE said...

ben: yeah where thou art?
yinyin: awesome charity event with cute pets :)

Blackswan said...

Such a fun & meaningful project. I love dogs & have a Shih Tzu. It's a joy interacting with animals. Keep up the good work!

chowchow7 said...

ben:yalorrrr....neh ur name is up there mah(mentioned)...and oso in astro sport channel dy lor...XD

henry:yesh yesh!!a meaningful 1...=) but the weather kinda hot that day...pity those animals..

shirley:hahaha....congratz 2u on ur latest post yah!!!n wow u hav a shih tzu?i owaz wanted a puppy but then juz scare tat 1day....then i'll b v sad...=X

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