Friday, January 6

Pancake Specialist?!

Specialist in Pancakes?
That's a huge topic to use....=D
I bet only "Paddington House of Pancakes" dare to use it...
It was reviewed by Sunday Metro before??? I guess the taste will be satisfying enough for me..

went to church of Christ with mummy, uncle chit ha and aunt cynthia 
so we got a chance to drop by here for our breakfast before our Sunday service...   
Spotted this in one of the coffee shop at taman mutiara, IPOH 
This mini stall captured my attention by it's rows of hot pancakes!!!!!
alright and I was split with choices here
as I'm a forever choco lover, I go for
"Chocolate Chips+Banana+Peanut Butter Combo"

here's my specialist for my pancake^^

look at those pancakes!!!
I could just dive myself in....

here's my order!!!!
full of bananas.....

here's somebody's order...
haaaa...pinjam and snap!

my RM2.90 pancake as breakfast...

peanut butter+choco chips+banana!!!!
great and satisfying taste!
hot and crispy skin, once munch in a bit of chewy of the pancake combined with the 3musketeers~hualala!!!  
buttery taste and the thickness of filling kinda satisfying and most importantly chocolate melts in the hot crispy pancake!!!!!
heavenly goodness
this is a must have guys!!!!
go search for it...

if you wanna find this pancake...
it's inside here...
Taman Mutiara
happie searching with your GPS!


taman mutiara


Eunice said...

OI!!! I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE!!!! WOOOO! NICE SHARING!! >.< i love the peanut butter and banana one!!!! eeekkk!!! so tempting!

chowchow7 said...

hahahhah.....calm calm~~~
hope you have a nice dream on pancake tonite...heheheh...choco banana is owaz best fren 2gether now added with peanut butter...gulp~@@

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