Sunday, January 8

marina island

Extended from Teluk Muroh, Marina Island Pangkor is poised to be a premier waterfront township in Perak. Situated opposite Pangkor Island, these 316.9 acres of man-made island is linked by a 400-meter spectacular Causeway Bridge from the mainland.

This exclusive township consists of the following:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Yacht Club
  • Recreational Club
  • Waterfront Shopping Complex
  • Retreat Centre
  • Educational Centre
  • Science Theme Park
  • Beaches and Lagoons
here's my recent visit to Marina Island when I went back Ayer Tawar, Perak.
it's a new place to me as normally people will go for lumut, pangkor island, teluk batik...
but this is another choice to visit if you happens to be here...
a nice place full of yacht~ 

Marina Island is still a developing area so maybe few years more it will be another hot spot for people to travel. Besides, I saw lots of coming soon shops which interest me and of course some food chain! Plus..for you who wish to get your scuba diving experience, PADI diving course is come checkout yourself!  

Then we pass by lumut...which is very near to Marina Island

and ended my journey with sunset at LUMUT....

checkout their official page to know about Marina Island:

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Henry Tan said...

marina island... isnt an island right? lol

Shuwen said...

I stay 15 minutes away from this place and has been there a lot of times but wow the place looks so much more prettier in your pics ! :)

chowchow7 said...

hmmmm....not sure henry...they call it an island but then not d kind of island where in d middle of the

wow's ur place?tis is taken near a new complex but i forgot d name dy....=P nice view!

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