Friday, January 6

Karafuru tasting moment

remember I shared about a new dessert chain at 6th floor of Pavilion's tokyo street
here's my previous post about Karafuru

here's the verdict
colourful tag on a simple plain white box
cool stuff!!

here's my choice of Karafuru tarts in six different flavours
price range for the whole tart is from RM79 - RM85 and RM8.50 - RM8.90 for the sliced tarts
totally sweet surrender!!!!
such colourful dessert...who can ever resist it???
and I love the fact that this is not too sweet!!!
something special I discovered about Karafuru tart is the cake base is not sweet but they rely on the topping for some sweetness for the whole tart...which I think it's fascinating!!
thumbs up for the formula of Karafuru...well done well done...=)

some portrait for these lovely Karafuru tarts..
*Mixed Fruits*
 fresh fruits as topping and very festive kinda feel here!

*Meringue Mango Tart*
I love the sour taste from this and they used blowtorch for the topping of the cream so that it burnt just nice for the pattern of it's not just a simple dessert but an art to me! Don't worry about the thick cream as It's not as fattening as you see here..simply light cream I would comment bout it!

*Strawberry Tart*
not bad not bad...bit of strawberry jam to add more taste of it

*Grape Tart*
look at the effort how they use different colours of grapes as decor for the topping..great!!!

*Raspberry Peach Tart*
bit of sweet and sour taste from the topping and you get to chew on the peach...

*Banana Oreo*
ohhh~~~~here's my favourite one!!!!!
simply because I'm a banana and oreo lover
gosh....the caramelized banana blew me away!!!! 

papa love Karafuru so much
and I'm happy that I could share this new lovely dessert with my family~
overall I give an "A" for Karafuru tarts!

till then...

check out their facebook for more dessert updates!!!
and I saw some other great cute dessert there...


Nikel Khor said...

Try before and taste nice!

josarine said...

OMGOSH looks sooooooooooooo goood.... *drools*.

Supia Chao said...

Is that cake in the tarts? Look so colourful.

chowchow7 said...

yes yes late i mean really late for this hahahah...guess u tasted it last year right...XP

josarine....go checkout tokyo street and you'll find something far beyond expectation...hehhehe....=P

Chao~yup there is cake, tart crust,fruits all sorts of flavour!yummy as it looks...=)some coming soon dessert looks cool as well...

missyblurkit said...

sweetness overload:P

very colourful and is a brilliant play if fruits. i do spot my favourite banana oreo. yummeh!

chowchow7 said...

wow~~~i can c everyone is aiming for the banana oreo tart huh~~hahhah...XD
thanks 4 dropping here,missy...=)

Enqvist said...

all the food cake look pretty colourful and delicious!

✿ 食情画意 ✿

chowchow7 said...

yah Enqvist...i juz love dessert photography!!!really melts me...

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