Wednesday, January 11

Join Cocktails & Canapes Party @ Croisette cafe

Its all about Organic! A cozy & lovely little cafe, unpretentious, serving bistro food, French inspired & ORGANIC from soups to gourmet desserts.

Croisette cafe is now open on coming SUNDAY!!!
Come over this SUNDAY (15 Jan 2012), 11am to 3pm to their 1st SUNDAY opening.
Cocktails & Canapes are on the house for that day
Please RSVP by 13 Jan 2012..

michelle  016-3304477 

Checkout Croisette Cafe:

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折翼天使 said...

bring me go!!!dessert!!!!!

chowchow7 said...

no worries ying..more chance la in future u got selangor rit? maybe next time u noe lots of places than me!!=P

折翼天使 said...

yup..selangor selangor!! my AT dream gone!! nxt time v sama sama pigi..lolz

chowchow7 said...

sure sure....survey 4me....i go take photo....=]

FiSh said...

me want also! :D

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chowchow7 said...

wah wah wah...Fish u had lots of cny yummy lousang dy still got space for this??hahahah....juz join in...

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