Saturday, January 21

cotton bud review

let's have some cotton bud review
my tester:
Chuah Xue Li
 1st time of using this kind of cotton bud
 so I wonder how is it different from other brand

 the sharp point of the cotton bud is suitable for an eye makeup especially when you wanna draw a fine eye-line 
you can even touch up eye shadow using the round tip 
from the tester: "I love it has both the arrow head and round tip point....very versatile!"

here's the reviewed cotton bud in a small cylinder box so it's very convenient to bring it along in your bag.. 

left: normal kind of cotton bud (round tip point only)
right: reviewed cotton bud (round and arrow head tip point)

 the arrow head tip point of this cotton bud is really useful when reaching some details part! 

last but not least
juz a suggestion...=P

1) It has both round and arrow head tip point.
2) The cotton is firm and will not comes off the stick easily.
3) Can use for make up, manicure and hygiene purposes.
4) Smooth cotton.
5) Comes in a handy cylinder packaging. 

nope for the moment...unless I found a better one to share next time! 


Blackswan said...

Indeed, the arrowheads prove to be very useful. Nice review!

Here's wishing u a Prosperous & Happy CNY! DIY Your Mandarin Oranges This Chinese New Year! :)

chowchow7 said...

yup....shirley...1st time usin it...heee...juz a simple share here...=P

icedgurl said...

trekking your blog!!!


chowchow7 said...

woooo....then i gotta bcareful of my content dy...hahahah....=) happie cny btw...

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