Thursday, January 19

you think it's easy to be a TEACHER?think again...

I was away of my blog and facebook for sometime as I was now into some serious business
Alright finish my sweet college life and bla bla bla....
after 5 and a half years of hardship and struggle study at a far far away place
now I'm officially 

yah...just reported myself at a school in Cheras Taman Connaught 2days ago
and nightmare had yet started for my teaching life
I was shocked when I saw my offer letter stated 
"Tahniah!!!anda dapat SJK(C)Tmn Connaught"
I was like what????!!! 
I was facing some problem due to the location of the school
I got Cheras but my house at Sentul
here's a bit of info on how I gonna get there everyday
because I was staying in Sentul, (with no car)I need to find my way to Lrt star(sentul timur) then took a ride of 14stations in order to reach bandar tasik selatan next change rapid bus T408(the one and only bus to tmn connaught). a loooooooog wait to my school!!!!!...and all this thing took me around 2hours to reach...seriously I was physically exhausted before even teach!!!! I don't know why government put me here as there are 6-7 primary school around my place sentul and one of the school need 7teachers!!!!a big question mark???? when I reach home it's about 8.30pm to 9pm...just imagine school ended 6.15pm~

then the "mentally-exhausted" part which get me in tears...5years of training and majoring in music and I don't get to teach not even a period of music lesson....was energetic to use various of interesting method to teach music but now I could keep it to myself...quite disappointing as music is my core...I love music!!!and now I'm teaching something out of my area...BM,PJ,MORAL,SENI...(@@) another big question mark????'s unfair for me and those student...

people ask me buy a car....seriously I need sometime for me to afford one as I haven't got my income
some say rent a house...gosh I'm staying KL but I need to rent a room in KL? and I have to move all my stuff and so on...haizzz....for this moment no...hello people please encourage me as I need it badly now...=( 

Here's the reality in teaching field
we don't get what we want.. 
of course I'm not the only one facing this kind of problem I should be considered a lucky one as 
some of my friend got sabah sarawak which we cannot voice anything!!!
now I know why people addressed teacher as a NOBEL one
we sacrificed our own time we don't get what we want people might not understand and no respect on us 
but then standing before a bunch of naive angelic student
we have to TEACH!!!!! 

so don't ever think that it's easy to be a teacher...
there will be lots of unfair situation happening throughout our teaching life from time to time...

will update my teaching life...


Blackswan said...

First & foremost, congrats & welcome to the teaching club! I've taught English Creative Writing in primary schs too & now training in adults workplace literacy & I'm loving it!

So sorry about your plight & really shocked to learn about your posting. 2hrs ride is a long way, compared to mine which is just 10 mins from my home.

I hereby, wish u the best & never give up. I'm sure u'll get to teach music soon. Now we've another in common other than cooking :)

Miss U said...

xuejie~ jiayou ya~ be tough~ i sure the condition will get better once u get used to it~ cheers~ ^^

chowchow7 said...

shirley:ohh my gosh~~~u r a teacher too????five!tat is way too much in common!!=P miserable start but i hope teaching life will satisfy me in future...gosh~~starting will not be still finding tune towards a better solution...thanks 4ur courage teacher~^^

Miss U:yah...believe me...enjoy ur moment till d max in iptb...=)

Merryn said...

i was a preschool teacher and used to think that we have the hardest job on earth. teaching those little kids require lots of patience sometimes i almost go mental!

Bengbeng said...

look on the bright side.. after a certain numer of yrs u will reach up to DG58. :) it is only a matter of seniority.Auto time based promotion irrespective of skin colour :)

Happy CNY

Sue said...

It's not easy being a teacher, and I wish you God's best for career.

I teach piano. What instrument do you play?

chowchow7 said...

Merryn:yes indeed lots of patient...i feel like an old ma nagging and repeat thing over n over...not easy to teach especially younger teaching standard 2 n lots of drilling needed...50 student in a class drives me crazy...@@

bengbeng:how come u noe d grade thing so well?r u a teacher as well?haaaa...niways thanks 4d courage...still long for that im in a baby teacher stage..=)

Sue:thanks sue...=)
i play piano but haven finish my grade 8 due to short of time to learn...and a bit of guitar n some malay instrument like gamelan...

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