Wednesday, January 4

ayer tawar market

[non-halal food]
my second day @ mom's hometown, Ayer Tawar!
yah for your information I went back for few days for a relative visit trip
another place to share which we will visit there whenever we back ayer tawar is 
ayer tawar's pasar pagi
I'm quite familiar with this pasar as since small I will follow my mom to shop for some vege, meat, and stuff
and this pasar is a place for gathering too because I often see her meeting her FooChow friends and family here and she will start to use her dialect and my guessing will be on too...hahahah 
Sometimes really get confused with their topic...because Foochow is really hard to understand!
while she is chit chatting...
I could have a browse through what's in the market
sometimes you could discover some hawker from IPOH...
so it's good that you could taste some local taste on Ayer Tawar FooChow food and Ipoh food as well!!

here's a new stall I believe because it's not here years ago  
normally in KL we call this PAN MEE so Broad Noodle...hahahaha sounds a bit western translation~ ;D
 yummy or not? I haven't tryout as my mission is on other stuff this time...

this uncle is still here!!!!!!
hahahahah....he's the only "Kueh-Kak" (hokkien) seller here...
same hairstyle
same misai
same cooking style
I believe the taste is still the same!

looking a bit awkward when I flash towards him....
Uncle Kueh-kak: "nice or not....?"
Me: "nice nice...."

another spot....
"Foochow Kompia Auntie"
wow~I guess she is having a good business for the past...wearing pearl necklace some more...XP
she also here for long too 
flashback those days where I was jumping to get her Kompia..
I wouldn't say this is the best but still it's good for a taste of it...
[if you want the best, find for kampong koh or sitiawan's]
mom is kinda picky person
ahahahha...she keep grumbling bout the imperfect of the Kompia
but street food mah...It's ok to be not so perfect~^^

here you are
some Kompia...Fuchiangpia...ohh paise not so good in Foochow...=P
sweet...salty...all jumble up

this is the one 
the Kompia with sesame is pork  with onion inside
those without sesame is with fei ju yuk(canton) only
i prefer sesame 1...not so fat...=P
just a little tips to share:
eat it when it's hot where it's still hot and crispy
when it's cold it become hard and it's difficult for old people like me to fight the hard dough. 
maybe some couldn't accept the hard chew of it but somehow it has it's magic to make me come back to it!! 
i love the fragrant from it's dough and the filling
you won't find this anywhere else unless you travel to east Malaysia where there is well known with Foochow delicacies try it!!^^

this is my mom's favourite 
I call it mini triangle dumpling
it taste a bit salty chewy and has bean (眉豆) inside
dip with kaya!!!!

here's the stall which I will drop by for my breakfast
a must for me every time when I come back Ayer Tawar! favourite Kampua (Foochow)
or we call it wantan mee
but this is without wantan and you need to order it separately
Why I love Kampua so much??
 is because I hate the fact that normal wantan noodle will have the "gan sui mei" alkaline taste...@@
ohhhh.....but this no!!!!it's heavenly great for me...
again I wouldn't say this is the best but the taste and portion is just nice
last time I had this for RM1.50 (when my small small time lar)
but now RM2.50 per plate...still cheap if compared to elsewhere
and I'll have this for breakfast every time I back Ayer Tawar could attractive is Kampua and seriously I'm addicted to it!!!! won't get this taste unless you travel to East Malaysia or any franchise stalls by those Foochow hawkers~ 
just another share I used to eat it with Kampong Koh chili sauce and marinated garlic...
ohh yah...just another thought to will find Kampua...Kompia...and other Foochow delicacies anywhere in Ayer Tawar here so not to worry....but for the just need to cangkul into it.... 

I'll share another Kampua from different stall....stay tune~^^
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