Thursday, January 26

appleseed (customized gift shop)

"We handmade and customized gifts for loved ones and friends. Our specialty is on dehydrated fruits using Excalibur Food Dehydrator. No preservative No sugar added.100% sweetness from the fruits.

a new budding company, where they just launched their new product lately which is dehydrated fruits...

What so special about their dehydrated fruits???
Basically the sweetness remained from the fruits and no extra sugar added...unlike other dried fruits where u get the crunch on it but appleseed dehydrated fruits are soft and some have a chewy depends on what kind of fruits because different fruits have a different'll get to taste the sweetness from the fruit and a hint of sourness from the lemon spray...they coat the fruits with lemon spray to prevent oxidation..
it's a healthy snack for all!!! Besides producing dehydrated fruits, appleseed even custom made your very personal gift for any's anew thing so...let's rock your valentine 2012 with this healthy and special gift for your loved give an idea appleseed will tried to fulfill your needs...
for further info you can kindly checkout their page in facebook...(the link at the end of the post)   

**appleseed's customized dehydrated fruits**
for special occasion such as Valentine
~the sweet and sour taste is like the taste of your love~


**appleseed's dehydrated fruits in normal packing**
papaya (100gm)

pineapple (100gm)

apple (100gm)

sample product:
appleseed's customized mini flower bouquet 

5 inch'

it's a lovely gift for... 
your loved ones
wedding door gift
party food
tell us more!!!!^^

visit appleseed @ facebook for more:

for order please email:
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