Tuesday, January 31

churp churp pendrive

ding dong~~~~~
"churp churp!!"

over months of waiting and I almost forget about it....

Sunday, January 29

I am milo

this is my cousin's poodle
this little guy can run really fast and got excited easily when he sees us!
 gosh I would call him a hyperactive poodle..(@@)

this is an album of a poodle called milo...
because he is way too adorable to me...
don't you think so?

Friday, January 27

are you or your partner a photographer?

Came across a funny post by maryannkoh ...If you are a photographer or married to one, you will get it!

  1. They would rather carry their bulky camera and kid(s), than hold hands with you.
  2. When packing for a family vacation, half your allowed baggage allowance goes to their equipment.
  3. If you’re taking a walk outside and come across some “interesting light” they will make the kids and you sit/stand/pose in public so that they can take a photo.
  4. You’ll never be able to sit where you like in a restaurant because they will always pick the spot with the best light for photography of the kids and food.
  5. You’ll never get to enjoy freshly cooked meals because they’ll spend at least 5 minutes taking 10 variations of the same dish with their iPhone.
  6. They rather drop $1,000+ on new glass than furniture for the home.
  7. You can’t take a photo of them without taking at least five more.
  8. If you are concern about the scratch on junior's forehead showing up, they’ll say “Don’t worry I can photoshop it later.”
  9. They won’t return your calls or text messages, but you can bet they’re still posting pics on Instagram.
  10. They still use film cameras.
  11. They spend all their time on the computer and iPhone (and not for porn).
  12. They like watching arty films that you’ve never heard of or will ever understand.
  13. Their choices for holiday destinations will be third world countries where they can get great documentary or cultural shots.
  14. They think everyone else’s photos suck or is a bad copy of some other great photographer.
  15. They like to edit the colours of their photos to look like scenes from Twilight or 300.
  16. They like trespassing into old abandoned buildings or going to unpopulated areas where there's a nice lone tree for pictures.
  17. They always want to show a new photo they took, but don’t really care if you like it or not.
  18. They hate your friend’s new artsy profile picture.
  19. Christmas presents for your parents will be a framed portrait that they’ve taken of the kids.
  20. You can’t go anywhere new without them stopping to take a photo of everything and anything.
  21. Nothing can ever be naturally pretty, everything must be fixed in Photoshop.
  22. They are natural hoarders, collecting and keeping piles of old newspapers, packaging, magazines, and other things that “inspire” them.
  23. They have a weird sense of fashion and like to extend it to you and the children's dressing.
  24. They have hard drives of photos, but probably have printed 10 images.
  25. They are always secretly judging your creativity.
  26. If you’re ever in auto mode, they laugh at you.
  27. They orgasm every time they learn a new lighting technique.
and actually I'm one of it....so think twice before considering me...hehehe...juz a share no offend!=P

Thursday, January 26

appleseed (customized gift shop)

"We handmade and customized gifts for loved ones and friends. Our specialty is on dehydrated fruits using Excalibur Food Dehydrator. No preservative No sugar added.100% sweetness from the fruits.

a new budding company, where they just launched their new product lately which is dehydrated fruits...

What so special about their dehydrated fruits???
Basically the sweetness remained from the fruits and no extra sugar added...unlike other dried fruits where u get the crunch on it but appleseed dehydrated fruits are soft and some have a chewy texture...it depends on what kind of fruits because different fruits have a different texture..you'll get to taste the sweetness from the fruit and a hint of sourness from the lemon spray...they coat the fruits with lemon spray to prevent oxidation..
it's a healthy snack for all!!! Besides producing dehydrated fruits, appleseed even custom made your very personal gift for any occasion...it's anew thing so...let's rock your valentine 2012 with this healthy and special gift for your loved ones....you give an idea appleseed will tried to fulfill your needs...
for further info you can kindly checkout their page in facebook...(the link at the end of the post)   

**appleseed's customized dehydrated fruits**
for special occasion such as Valentine
~the sweet and sour taste is like the taste of your love~


**appleseed's dehydrated fruits in normal packing**
papaya (100gm)

pineapple (100gm)

apple (100gm)

sample product:
appleseed's customized mini flower bouquet 

5 inch'

it's a lovely gift for... 
your loved ones
wedding door gift
party food
tell us more!!!!^^

visit appleseed @ facebook for more:

for order please email:

Wednesday, January 25


 Chinese new year bento 

Well...I know it's been a long long time I didn't update my choco.recipe... 
Since it's CNY and finally I could rest my feet and get into something which I really interested and wanted to try since ages...
Bento (弁当 bentō) is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container.

here are the ingredients....

Tuesday, January 24

love story 1982

way back in year 1982...
one day in month of December...
it was a special day for them
where they get married

Monday, January 23

sponge bob sandwich

Sponge Bob sandwich

happie chinese new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
at last it's 年初一 today....
before you go around to get your angpow
I made a breakfast for YOU
yah it's YOU to keep you energetic and smiling all day long
hehehehe.....bring some angpow for me yah...XP

Saturday, January 21

cotton bud review

let's have some cotton bud review
my tester:
Chuah Xue Li
 1st time of using this kind of cotton bud
 so I wonder how is it different from other brand

twenty four

when there is no one to help you self-timer is your only photographer

can you guess where is this?

Friday, January 20

a fruity gift

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!
something dry
something healthy
something natural 
something fruity
non added sugar
a snack with natural sweetness without added any sugar


stay tune....for how to order and further info=)

Thursday, January 19

you think it's easy to be a TEACHER?think again...

I was away of my blog and facebook for sometime as I was now into some serious business
Alright finish my sweet college life and bla bla bla....
after 5 and a half years of hardship and struggle study at a far far away place
now I'm officially 

yah...just reported myself at a school in Cheras Taman Connaught 2days ago
and nightmare had yet started for my teaching life
I was shocked when I saw my offer letter stated 
"Tahniah!!!anda dapat SJK(C)Tmn Connaught"
I was like what????!!! 
I was facing some problem due to the location of the school
I got Cheras but my house at Sentul
here's a bit of info on how I gonna get there everyday
because I was staying in Sentul, (with no car)I need to find my way to Lrt star(sentul timur) then took a ride of 14stations in order to reach bandar tasik selatan next change rapid bus T408(the one and only bus to tmn connaught). a loooooooog wait to my school!!!!!...and all this thing took me around 2hours to reach...seriously I was physically exhausted before even teach!!!! I don't know why government put me here as there are 6-7 primary school around my place sentul and one of the school need 7teachers!!!!a big question mark???? when I reach home it's about 8.30pm to 9pm...just imagine school ended 6.15pm~

then the "mentally-exhausted" part which get me in tears...5years of training and majoring in music and I don't get to teach not even a period of music lesson....was energetic to use various of interesting method to teach music but now I could keep it to myself...quite disappointing as music is my core...I love music!!!and now I'm teaching something out of my area...BM,PJ,MORAL,SENI...(@@) another big question mark????  
    obviously...it's unfair for me and those student...

people ask me buy a car....seriously I need sometime for me to afford one as I haven't got my income
some say rent a house...gosh I'm staying KL but I need to rent a room in KL? and I have to move all my stuff and so on...haizzz....for this moment no...hello people please encourage me as I need it badly now...=( 

Wednesday, January 18

Checkers Cafe @Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur

Checkers Cafe is the perfect venue for a hassle-free reunion dinner on Lunar New Year's eve. Chinese New Year food is all about auspicious overtones; denoting prosperity, good luck, fortune and health. The indulgence was prepared by Executive Chef KK Yau and his team. They will "wok up"an array of enticing Chinese New Year as well as international fare to tantalize your tastes buds throughout the Lunar New Year. Cool Checkers interior!!! 

Sunday, January 15

a sexy little cafe-Croisette

Have you finish exploring Bangsar food?
You'll never imagine there is a small cafe hiding up there...  
"a sexy little cafe-Croisette"
I guess why the owner put the word sexy is because the taste and the presentation of the food are sexy enough to capture your taste bud!!! It is located at level 3 of Cascadium Condominum and few minutes walking distance from Bangsar Shopping Centre 
no worries...the guard of Cascadium Condo will be there to help your way to Croisette Cafe...=) 
It was my first visit here to uncover a new cafe in Bangsar...

Friday, January 13

Tai Thong e-Voucher: RM1 for a Deep Fried Whitebait Fish

5 days left!!!!
Get a Deep Fried Whitebait Fish with Salt & Pepper just RM1

click on tai thong link here for the voucher:

Terms and Conditions

  • Please print out this e-voucher and bring it to Tai Thong outlets to enjoy a RM1 Whitebait Fish with salt and pepper
  • Please present voucher upon ordering
  • Valid from 19 December 2011 – 18 January 2012
  • While stock last
  • Not exchangeable for cash

station 1 leisure cafe

i love food
 i love my friends 
and definitely i love music  
went there with aunt cynthia...
again she strictly warned me not to have her photo...

Wednesday, January 11

Join Cocktails & Canapes Party @ Croisette cafe

Its all about Organic! A cozy & lovely little cafe, unpretentious, serving bistro food, French inspired & ORGANIC from soups to gourmet desserts.

Croisette cafe is now open on coming SUNDAY!!!
Come over this SUNDAY (15 Jan 2012), 11am to 3pm to their 1st SUNDAY opening.
Cocktails & Canapes are on the house for that day
Please RSVP by 13 Jan 2012..

michelle  016-3304477

Checkout Croisette Cafe:

View Larger Map

Tuesday, January 10

weird feeling...

i dunno what is the kind of feeling in me now
i should be jumping and shouting rejoice to get the place I wanted badly for years
but then when i finally knew i get the place which i opted for
i find that there isn't any joy in me
that's weird
in fact I had an insomnia night 
heart bumping irregular time
i questioned
God is this the place you want me to be
is this the place that i can grow even more
a sudden lost in me
maybe a part of me wanted to get out of this comfort zone
anyways i am thankful to the verdict
and see how's my life gonna be here
but then i have an instinct in me
which i won't stay here for long
what a weird feeling...

Oloiya Free 300g of Dried Meat!!!


hey guys!!!!
Oloiya is giving away Free 300g of Dried Meat

Redemption Period: 18 – 22 January 2012
For more click this link:

I've done mine...
happie dragon year to all my friends..and blogger friends... 

Monday, January 9

Pets Project 2012

Please look at this fella for a few second...
isn't he telling you that
"I feel lonely here..............."
(a silent protest)

Sunday, January 8

Dragon attack Pavilion!!!

ok, previously I blog about united buddy bear attack pavilion.... 
and now brother dragon is taking in charge of our KL Pavilion!!!!
Chinese New Year is coming soon...
and this year is my year!!!!
the year of dragon....head down to Pavilion for some festive cheer..
I'm sure you'll get stunned by the decor...
here's some of my sneak peaks to share with u guys...

marina island

Extended from Teluk Muroh, Marina Island Pangkor is poised to be a premier waterfront township in Perak. Situated opposite Pangkor Island, these 316.9 acres of man-made island is linked by a 400-meter spectacular Causeway Bridge from the mainland.

This exclusive township consists of the following:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Yacht Club
  • Recreational Club
  • Waterfront Shopping Complex
  • Retreat Centre
  • Educational Centre
  • Science Theme Park
  • Beaches and Lagoons
here's my recent visit to Marina Island when I went back Ayer Tawar, Perak.
it's a new place to me as normally people will go for lumut, pangkor island, teluk batik...
but this is another choice to visit if you happens to be here...
a nice place full of yacht~ 

Friday, January 6

Karafuru tasting moment

remember I shared about a new dessert chain at 6th floor of Pavilion's tokyo street
here's my previous post about Karafuru

here's the verdict
colourful tag on a simple plain white box
cool stuff!!

Pancake Specialist?!

Specialist in Pancakes?
That's a huge topic to use....=D
I bet only "Paddington House of Pancakes" dare to use it...
It was reviewed by Sunday Metro before??? hmmm....so I guess the taste will be satisfying enough for me..

Wednesday, January 4

ayer tawar market

[non-halal food]
my second day @ mom's hometown, Ayer Tawar!
yah for your information I went back for few days for a relative visit trip
another place to share which we will visit there whenever we back ayer tawar is 
ayer tawar's pasar pagi
I'm quite familiar with this pasar as since small I will follow my mom to shop for some vege, meat, and stuff
and this pasar is a place for gathering too because I often see her meeting her FooChow friends and family here and she will start to use her dialect and my guessing will be on too...hahahah 
Sometimes really get confused with their topic...because Foochow is really hard to understand!
while she is chit chatting...
I could have a browse through what's in the market
sometimes you could discover some hawker from IPOH...
so it's good that you could taste some local taste on Ayer Tawar FooChow food and Ipoh food as well!!


if you need translate find the translator on the right corner of my blog..

爱大华 (ayer tawar) 

 这是这里有名的kampung koh 辣椒酱

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