Saturday, December 24

a Christmas eve gift

horn horn horn....
wooooo.....I wonder who with a noisy horn out there~
having a peek through the window and I saw a Malay motorist out there
I was thinking that he should be one of the annoying salesman from door to door
but I was shocked when he called my name

yah...I know who is d sender as I was told before that will receive this...
so I should say this is not a surprise...
but still I don't know what the content is, right?...=P
hmmm....based on the "not-so-neat" handwriting, i believed the sender was in a hurry 
anyways is the heart that count! thanks...(^^)o
*a huge present card with sharp red ribbon*

this put me in laughter cause it reminds me of my cute student's artwork~ XP
but I love it cause it shows genuine hand drawing from the sender...
and I love handmade stuff! 
Did I tell you about that?

thanks...and really nice to know you although just a short period of time~
 GOD bless you...and HE matter how the future is...

                                                   I love this senget pops up 3D mas tree!

thanks for your sweet genuine handmade card~ :)

a Christmas eve without Christmas celebration..
but coughing all the way...==
enjoy everyone!
Christmas is not just about party solely but Jesus Christ was born...
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