Wednesday, December 7

United Buddy Bears attack KL!!!!

Guess what...went to Pavilion KL today 
and I believe most of you knew that 
Pavilion is surrounded by lots and lots of bears from all around the world...
Nearly lost myself there because I love unique stuff!!
and the best part is... 
every bear represents a country 
and it is sorted according to alphabetical order
so it is easy for us to find the respective country
the next thing i love about these bears were the artist did not simply draw an art on it
whereas it promotes a culture of one country through the art and painting on the bear!!!
how cool is that right? I wonder who ever came out with this fascinating idea~superb artist!
come find the bear before they get back to their own country...XP
 Alright guys, just kidding there...the bear will be here till Feb 2012 
so....long to worries!!

 the bear did attracts tourist attention to stop by and have a snap of it..

wooo....the only couple bear i found here~^^
the rest are still single and available

they are just gorgeous even from behind...
look!!!! one of them in Christmas mood...
but i wonder why they pose with hands up??any idea...?(^O^)
 look!!!!!this is what I call legend...first time the bears attack the TOWN of KL!!!!
 Why ohhh why??????
why you hands up your hand??XP
 and more bearsss
 this is the mystery one!!!
while i was searching for MALAYSIA'S BEAR,
i noticed this guy moving a huge covered up stuff...
then i have a peek and saw
 but i wonder how MALAYSIA BEAR looks like?
with tiger stripes?
or with the word 1 MALAYSIA?
or mixture of Malay,Chinese,India food on it?
 remained "?"
and i end my post with the MOST most UTmost
GENIUS BEAR in the world!!!!!!!!


Bear@Work said...

Hi there,

Thanks for supporting and posting up the United Buddy Bears' pictures on your blog. We do appreciate it.

As you can see, the objective of the United Buddy Bears World Tour is to spread world peace, harmony and the art of tolerance. All of the 147 bears that represents different countries stand hand-in-hand together to promote international understanding.

So basically, the reason why the bears raise their hands up high is because the bears want all of the people in the whole world to live together in peace and union. Imaginably, all of the bears are lifting up the GLOBE.

Hope u get the message :)

Do post up pics of the bears on facebook & do LIKE the United Buddy Bears Malaysia facebook page :))

Warmest regards,

chowchow7 said...

thanks 4d share here...of course of course for unity!!!!!^^
love united buddy bear!nice...

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