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TOSAYA Wisma Cosway

Looking for really Traditional Japanese Food?
try TOSAYA a 20 years old Japanese Restaurant...

*Interior of TOSAYA* 

*TOSAYA is in Christmas mood now!*

 *a dim and cozy dining place*

*a green Menu*

*Food for promotional season only*
[ oh my gosh...@@ i love this!!! Tenderness is one thing..what i love about this is they grilled it with a drizzle of Japan Teriyaki sauce. The juiciness of beef remained as it is not fully cooked. It's acceptable for me as I not the person who favour RAW things. ]

[For those who cannot eat salmon in raw you've got to try this! They pan fried the outer of salmon to give a crisp to it and not forgetting a drizzle of Japan Teriyaki sauce (a hint of sweet and salty combination) which is great to go with salmon!  


[ This is not dory fish...its a chicken instead... Again..crispy skin with Japan Teriyaki sauce..
For salad lovers, the chef added some special salad dressing on top of it and the taste is a bit sweet and sour.. nothing like thousand island here..]


 [ I'm sure you can't resist Japanese food as it is always so colourful and fine in details. The way they present is an art!!!. That is the reason why i love Japanese food. The colour has magic to lightened your dull working day. This Special Rainbow Roll comes with normal Wasabi paste and pickled ginger.] 

The Special Sashimi Set comes with 
(Red Tuna, White Tuna and Salmon)
[ Besides the freshness of the Sashimi, here I wanna emphasize on the little drop of Wasabi. This is not the normal Wasabi paste. The chef grated from the Fresh Wasabi Root and for your information the traditional tools to grate Wasabi is made of dried sharkskin with fine skin on one side and coarse skin on the other. The great thing about fresh Wasabi is the taste of it is mild compared with the paste Wasabi. Plus it has a bit of chunks since it is a freshly grated! However the fresh Wasabi is for Sashimi Set only.] 

 This is the prodigy behind every food of TOSAYA Wisma Cosway
although he looks like a Japanese but he is a Malaysian! He learned the skill of Japanese cuisine from a true Japanese.

 It's my pleasure to have an interview session with Chef of TOSAYA and for your information he has 10 years of experience in Japanese cuisine. I learn alot from him from his past experience of how he struggled in this field and the efforts he put in Japanese food which brings him here today. He even shared his story on his uncertainties after finished his SPM which is way years back. Chef is so kind to share some great food and some Japanese culture behind the food itself! This is a great and informative session. Thanks Chef!!! :)

TOSAYA is a very traditional Japanese Restaurant. They are very particular about the culture of Japan and the restaurant is over 20 years here. What I respect about TOSAYA is that they don't really do any publicity or has an account in facebook for marketing purposes. This is the stand of founder of TOSAYA which is a Japanese and he claimed that TOSAYA is his family business and he wanted everything to be remained. Including the taste of the food. From time to time the chef will check on the quality and the taste of food. They created the kind of homely ambiance and it is a quiet and cozy place for a family gathering. So if you are looking for some really Traditional Japanese Food, come to TOSAYA and find the chef!!! ^^

*This promotion is limited from Christmas till New Year which is starting from 20th Dec till 10th Jan*
(of course you can request from the Chef for other time)

taste might be vary from people and comments are based on my opinion

**Special thanks to Ken for the invite and Victor for the companion! =]

TOSAYA Japanese Restaurant
Ground Floor,
Lot G22-24,
Wisma Cosway,
88 Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.

603-2144 3416

*WIFI not available 

**Here's a little landmark for you to get there:
from Raja Chulan Monorail Station, you'll see Wisma Genting...Wisma Cosway is just behind it.


Nikel Khor said...

Wah... So good to have such nice Japanese food.. I like the look.. but the price is slightly high!

FiSh said...

looks nice :) i always visit ton chan whenever i go wisma cosway, but i think tosaya worths a try too!


Joli3 said...

在The Weld 的 Kamimura Japanese Restaurant很不错~!有机会可以去试试~也很正宗的!

chowchow7 said...

yup nikel kinda agree with u...but then mayb try it once in a while to treat urself there then okla!coz this kind of hidden gem really serve origin taste from japan!no need fly to japan~

fish...tis is actually my 1st time bump into wisma cosway...the name sounds like selling cosway product oni but to my surprise lots of wonderful food there..huh~


choi yen said...

Japanese food will never fail to impress me, yum yum~

Xue Ren said...

Yummy Japanese food!! =D

chowchow7 said...

yea....japananese...korean food owaz blow me away~~~~^^

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