Saturday, December 17

Singapore day (1)

remember my bye bye Malaysia.. post?
lion and fish tail what you'll get is Singapore!!!!
this is actually my 3rd trip to Singapore but the previous one not as adventurous as this time
because this time i'm heading down alone....juz for one mission
to visit my dearest cousin brother and sister after ages lost contact with them!
and so i had a mix feeling of excited, worried, alone
but of course the percentage of excitement is higher than others~~~
weee..........Lion City!!!!
here I come

the very 1st thing i munch in once i drop my feet in Singapore is this ice cream which costs $1(RM2)
im not sure whether this is famous in Singapore 
but then i love the soft and fluffy bread to go with the brick-thickness mocha chip ice-cream!!!
woooo!!!!i can juz scream for heavenly goodness....^^ 
i love the fact that the ice cream very solid and doesn't melt that easily~
it's located somewhere near Bugis Street
and you'll find a few ice-cream men here!
whoopie~but this mocha chip flavor is strictly to go with bread cone!!!
 thanks to my cousin ah mei (girl in black) for introducing this yummy street dessert to me!!!XP

here is the uncle selling ice-cream
look how home made is this!!!
fresh from the fridge~ 
 the uncle selling ice cream standing on a small tool...
next meet 
-my cousin brother ah xiang with his fiancee kim yin-
they are really sweet couple...
ah xiang (my cousin brother)
we went a steamboat place for dinner
but the owner stopped me from taking photo of the food there
but it's ok respect what...=)
any singaporean out there know this place? 
 our tomyam and 清汤
it was really fun to have a dinner chit chating time with them as we share our fond memories of our happy childhood time at ayer that everyone of us are busy with our own life so a simple dinner will do!
orchard road is a must visit especially x'mas time...
it is well know for all the street lights along the path way and blinking all night long...
 wow!!!building with all the brands...
 a bit surprise to see this which reminds me of our ongoing Malaysia United Buddy Bear at pavilion!!! 
it's all about lights...

 so this is the end of my 1st day in Singapore...
a fullmoon
good night and see you on 
Singapore Day 2!
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