Wednesday, December 28

Random pic in Malaysian Girls

If you still remember i blog about Malaysian Girls....
[although it's in a mandarin version but seriously no spoilers! ^^] 

now here's some off-stage pictures to share
as told that all we need to find is a guy with his signature white hat!!!

*Can you spot some of the bloggers here?*

 *KL Pac*

*i love the wall!!!*

* Freddy Tan (the cast) versus Simon Seow (the blogger) *

* He's such a lucky guy surrounded with beauties in Malaysian Girls*

*my turn with some of the casts*

my blogger friends
Again, thanks for the invitation by Dusty! 

the whole gang
from left:
tHe clown. Choulyew.JQ.Dusty.Choulyin.Simon
last but not least
 Henry Lee (helping us to snap this group photo)

nice meeting you guys for the first time..
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