Monday, December 5

mystery partime job

looks like my previous Jagung post stopped quite sometime there..XD
ok here's the update of myself!
i'm very much busy lately although I should be enjoying my long holidays after graduated from IPTB.
but now...when everyone else busy partying and outing during weekends
my hectic partime job had yet started...
people ask me why i make myself busy
simply because i bought a DSLR and im officially broke
i mean really broke that one!!!!
so...if you guys out there happens to see me sitting in a row with beggars by the roadside please don't be shocked alright?(@o@)
my partime job

sweet angel mama and kid

and during break i treat myself these after the sweat and hardships...
i love cute food 
which will definitely brightened my day 
and put a smile on my face
i love stuff with chocolate flavour!!
even the muffin is in X'mas mood now~
then i noticed a crowd around a restaurant....
haaaaaa!!!!do read the small small terms and co below
which human eyes has the weaknesses for reading the biggest FONT only!! 
new restaurant here..
just SOUP for the entire menu??
maybe anyone let me know if you happens to be dining there?
thanks alot!=P
here's the sneak peek of whats the inner of it
i saw lots and lots of bamboo
its like those chinese bamboo garden
very oriental...

then on sunday i moved to another destination...
snow flakes falling from the roof
spotted a bunch of gypsy dancers on the stage
before entering my partime job
and also this guy played a song called
"sometimes when we touched"
i love the Olivia Ong version
why....why am I staying so far from this place
if not I would just stand in front of this grand piano whole day
for the song dedication from piano prodigy
too bad for me...=(
you should capture their expression while playing
kinda over to me sometimes...=P
then after that i went to this place to buy my DSLR and another performance stopped me...
i just can't live without music and photography and last but not least
still have not reveal my part time job
next post perhaps
energy low

[photo taken by k800i phone camera...non edited]


Nikel Khor said...

Work hard and must save it.. Not like me.. cant afford buy one until now..

Eunice said...

wow? u work as a part time sales girl?selling mickey miao? haha! xD STILL GOT ENERGY TO BLOG...NOT BAD LA..^^ give u a tight squeeze to lighten u ...*hugs*!

chowchow7 said...

nikel:u invest in makan dy mah but now i got no money eat dy...wuuu..=X

eunice:hahahha...wrong guess gurl...not a sales girl..will reveal wit picture soon...thanks for the warm hugzzz....hahahah *hugz bac* XP

yanran said...

wow~ which model u bought??? :D

chowchow7 said...

yanran~kept it as a secret 1st...i'll post up with picture then...=>

yan~嫣然~ran said...


Xue Ren said...

wow! so secretive eh? =P

chowchow7 said...

coz im d top agent for the job...XP

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