Friday, December 23

Karafuru Tarts @ Tokyo Street Pavilion

I missed the opening of a new dessert on the 21st December 2011 at Tokyo Street Pavilion!!!
if you want to know some idea about Tokyo Street Pavilion, here's my previous post with some images on it.

"Karafuru" is a play of the name colourful in Japanese. This name represents our very colourful tarts! They also have mini cakes and truffles for sale. Do go and checkout!!!
 Something good which not to be missed~^^

What do Karafuru offered?
They have Multi-layered Tokyo Fruit Tarts with variety of flavours such as :
  •    Strawberry Chocolate
  •    Mango
  •    Grape
  •   Oreo
  •   Green Tea Red Bean
  •   Raspberry Peach
  •   Chocolate Banana
  •   Blackforest
  •   Blueberry Meringue
  •   Mixed Fruits

Do you like Mangoes?
Teasing you guys with their 1st Karafuru Tart :
 *Grape Goodness*
 and i wanna say my Godness on this!!!!! i love grapes!!!!

*Mixed Fruits*
Who says dessert can't be healthy? :P

I'm sure there will be one to cater your taste bud!

   [price range for the whole tart is from RM79 - RM85 and RM8.50 - RM8.90 for the sliced tarts] 

   What so special about Karafuru?
  •      Attractive in looks 
  •           No preservatives, hence its healthy
  •           Handmade to perfection by chef from Japan
  •          Ingredients : fresh fruits, custard/chocolate filing, fresh cream, fruit puree 

*There are surprises in the tart which you’ll only find out once you’ve tried the tart yourself !*

[wow!!i wonder what kind of the promising surprises are?!]

Promotion to highlight :
Like their facebook page ( and get a 30% discount voucher on the whole or sliced tart. Promotion valid until 31st January 2012 only You can get the voucher from their facebook page under "promotion tag". Print the voucher out or show them from your phone that you’ve liked their page to qualify for the discount.

For more information

Address : 
Tokyo Street, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

Contact no : 
03-2143 5737 (Outlet) or 012 312 3971 ( Shea Leen )

Email :
Remember the logo and share among this new dessert @ Tokyo Street Pavilion with your friends, family and certainly your love ones during this Christmas season...good thing to share...Happie X'mas everyone..Ho Ho Ho!!^^


“追食富迪” said...

Wow! Tempting desserts.... :)

chowchow7 said...

yuppie,..go try go gonna tryout soon!!!!with their voucher!=P

MK said...

looks vy vy nice leh..

chowchow7 said...

MK u cum kl v go eat 2gether lar...XD

Blackswan said...

Wow, just looking at the food pix makes me drool! Hahaha! I want, I want! Hahaha! Merry X'mas :)

chowchow7 said...

heheheh....same same shirley~!ur bento owaz drool me as well~~hahahah!!!merry x'mas hope can meet u in singapore in future...

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